Brad Reifler: Entrepreneur And Investor


Brad Reifler is someone who is an example of success. He has had a long and successful career as an entrepreneur and an investor. He has worked with a large numbers of companies in the United States. He has started from the bottom and has worked all the way to the top. After he has gained enough experience, he has become an entrepreneur and founded his own company. In fact, the first company of his independent career was an investor company known as the Reifler Trading Company. With the investment firm, CrunchBase shows us Reifler has managed millions of dollars for many different businesses.

Brad Reifler has eventually sold the trading company that he has started. He also went on to found Pali Capital which deals with the sell side of business for people. They are strictly involved in the equity markets. Brad Reifler has also gotten himself involved in hedge funds which has proven to be a profitable activity for him. He has also utilized a unique strategy. Instead of giving advice on the funds to buy or sell, he has listen to ideas and taken them in order to research and analyze them.

Brad Reifler is one person who has shown a lot of wisdom and responsibility. Therefore, he has had a long and successful career. He has gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the markets. He knows what needs to be done in order to succeed. He is also someone who is very creative and knows how to bring forth greater innovations that will make success easier for his workers. Brad has experienced freedom and success as a business owner and will continue to enjoy the advantages that come with it. As of right now, Forefront Capital LLC is the company the he is focusing on.  Check out Brad’s rise to the top on his website:

Understanding the Basics of Investment Banking

Investment banking differs substantially than the retail banking that most people are familiar with. For starters, investment banking is not concerned with taking deposits and offering withdrawals. The goal of investment banking is to investment money in order to grow wealth. This is achieved through several different ways.

Investment banks will often purchase shares in a company. This is often through the acquisition of stocks. The investment bank will attempt to buy stocks it deems will increase in value in the future. Once the price has risen it will attempt to sell the stock for a tidy profit. Retail banks are not involved in the purchase of stocks and the selling of stock.

Another way that investment banks make money is by purchasing commodities on the market. As with stocks, the investment bank attempts to buy when the price is low and sell when it is high. Commodities include things like grain, rubber, oil, silver, copper and other tradable items. Once again, retail banks are not in the business of buying and selling commodities. In fact they are prohibited from doing this.

Investment banks also offer a service to companies. They can help a company issue stock. Everything from the valuation of a firm, to the issuing of stock, to the final sales of the stock to investors can be handled by an investment firm. These services are not free of course. A fee will be paid to the investment bank by the client company for these services. Guiding a firm through a merger or acquisition is another service that investment banks can do. A fee will be charged for this.

Investment banking requires a keen eye and thinking ahead into the future. Martin Lustgarten has shown he has what it takes to be successful in the field of investment banking. He started his own firm and named it Lustgarten Martin. The firm is named after himself.

Lustgarten Martin is a boutique investment firm. It focuses on investments in Central and Southern America. Both Martin and his firm operate out of Florida. Fluent in Spanish, Martin is able to invest confidently in Latin America without any language barriers.

Securus Provides Free Calls to Flood Victims

While inmates of correctional facilities aren’t typically provided with amenities and benefits while incarcerated, Securus Technologies has announced that they will provide free phone calls to inmates located in the Louisiana state penitentiary. Securus Technologies is a communications technology firm that provides video visitations services to correctional facilities.


While Securus will normally be paid based on the number of phone calls, they will now be giving away a significant amount of calls for free. In light of the recent flooding that has affected areas all over Louisiana; the company will allow it meets located in the state facilities to contact family members for free. The company is allowing these phone calls to be made at any time over the next few business days. They are currently estimating that as many as 250,000 phone calls will be made in this time. All of the free phone calls will continue to be monitored and separately approved by the department of corrections to ensure security remains in bowl of fact during this time.


The 250,000 phone calls that they are expecting to give away will amount to about $300,000 in lost revenue for the company. Beyond providing the free phone calls, the company is also looking to separately donate to the restoration and rescue fund. Securus Technologies has announced that they will be separately being donating $50,000.


Are The Days Of Parent-Teacher Meetings Nearly Over? According To ClassDojo They Are

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary proudly received over $21 million in a series of venture capital funding for their growing app, ClassDojo. This app has become one of the most popular tools for teachers and students, taking something similar to a Facebook user interface and using it as a teaching tool. Where Don and Chaudhary have really done well is being able to spread word of this app without spending a penny on marketing. Instead of constantly bombarding people with TV commercials or popup ads, ClassDojo has been marketed by good old fashioned word-of-mouth.

What ClassDojo has done is changed classroom atmospheres by creating incentives for students to do well. The app comes with short videos that show young monster characters learning different subjects, and they have to overcome challenges in order to learn them. These videos have helped stretch student minds and encouraged them that they can learn anything. And teachers award points to students who complete tasks and exhibit good behavior in class.

But one of the best things about the app is the enhanced communication teachers are able to have with parents. Teachers are able to send pictures, or text updates throughout the day about their students, and parents can respond back with their input. Teachers can also let parents know what assignments are coming up, and parents are then able to prepare the students for the next class day. The constant communication back and forth has now allowed schools to stop scheduling parent-teacher meetings and focus on the more important aspects of their curriculum.

As of now, Class Dojo is used by about 85,000 schools in the US, and it’s ideal because it’s free to download and can be used on just about any mobile device. There may be plans for premium features in the future, but they will be optional to purchase. Don and Chaudhary also recognize privacy concerns, and they have made sure not to sell any personal information to data mining companies.

Keith Mann: Investing Big in the Community

Giving back to the community is the soundest investment to make for hedge fund manager and Managing Director of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann. For Keith it is the only smart option. Whenever he sees the need, Keith Mann works with any organization to give back to the community, whether it’s helping the children of Uncommon Schools or stabilizing relations between citizens and the NYPD.
Taking what he has achieved through smart financial work and tactful business strategies, Keith Mann has given back to various organizations. One such group is Uncommon Schools. Mann and his company have donated thousands of dollars to ensure the school is still able to provide children with proper test taking needs are provided for. Mann also feels a great connection to the New York Police Department. During the protests in New York, Keith pleaded for peace and spoke on behalf of the police, in addition to providing food for the officers.
Keith Mann began his career with Dynamic Associates as a hedge fund manager before eventually becoming the Directing Manager of Dynamics Search Partners. Mann utilizes his business savvy and knowledge of the sector to staff investment professionals. In addition Mann and Dynamics Search Partners help hedge fund management find partnerships with the best possible executives.
While making big bucks is the goal for many, others believe the real mark of success is to be able to give back to the community. For Keith Mann, this a true ideal he strives to live by. From working to help ensure students are able to thrive, to working with the NYPD to show the world how much good the police department does, Mann is always on the ready to give back whenever possible.

News Anchor’s Wikipedia Page Is Defaced

Larry Madowo is not only one of the most loved Kenyan news anchors, but also one of the most trolled on social media. However, recently the ‘fun’ went a notch higher when someone defaced his Wikipedia page. According to the new Wikipedia edits, The Trend show host’s new profile is almost similar with that of Adolf Hitler, with a few tweaks to reflect on the difference in geographical location. The edits on the page claim that Larry is a Kenyan politician who is also a leader of the Kazi Party.

It goes further to state that he was Kenya’s Chancellor between 1933 and 1945. He is also associated with initiating the World War II by invading Poland. The defaced page also said that he sold cookies during World War I as a girl scout. It also alleged that Larry was born in Uganda, Kenya’s neighbor. At the time, Larry was in the United States. He shared a screenshot of the page and referred to it as ‘awesome.’ This information was originally mentioned on Nairobi News as provided in this article.

Over the last decade, Wikipedia has continued to establish itself as a powerful marketing tool. It has also been used for personal branding and business. This has seen more people use the site for their research on prominent individuals, celebrities and even on businesses and products. Wikipedia has also invested huge efforts in ensuring that the information posted by millions of contributors worldwide is factual. It makes it hard for new contributors to make a Wiki page in order to avoid the proliferation of junk onto the website. For this reason, it is usually advisable to get trusted services from an experienced company such as Get Your Wiki. This information was originally reported on Get Your Wiki as outlined in the link below

The importance of Wikipedia has also seen the page being ranked in search engine results. It is common to find content from the website listed among the best five results. This high ranking means that when you create a Wikipedia page, an individual or business can be more visible. Another reason why a person or business should be on Wikipedia is for reputation purposes. As stated before, internet users trust Wikipedia.

For example, individuals would prefer dealing with brands that are on Wikipedia as compared to those that are not. This may result in a significant increase in sales. Wikipedia is also a free Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a page on Wikipedia automatically improves the ranking of your business website. However, creating a good Wikipedia page is not easy. An individual needs to hire Wikipedia experts to do it correctly.