Adam Sender– Shares His Vision With the Art World

Adam Sender has established himself as the champion in the world of art collecting for his ability to choose the pieces of art that will sell incredibly well. Yet, his talent is not that cut and dry. One could say that it is not a talent at all and that he really just chooses the pieces of art that he loves most and allows societies love for him to dictate how much his art goes for, which is a lot.

He has gained quite an enormous reputation in the world of art collecting to complement his incredible achievements in the world of managing hedge funds. His talent as a hedge fund manager has ultimately given him the status that is needed for some of the world’s greatest art collectors to depend on his word and tastes as a guiding light to what is cool and popular. Ultimately, he is one of the rare, few people that have the ability to choose art that they absolutely love and put it on a platform for all to see, enjoy and purchase at heights that are not typical for pieces produced by unknown artists.

Adam Sender has always had a great desire to purchase the world’s finest art. His illustrious career as an art collector came about in 1999 when he was willing to pay $100,000 for the rights to a photograph. This photograph sold for $2 million, nearly 15 years later, yet it is his willingness to pay such a high price for a photograph introduced a new set of ethics of purchasing art to collectors and consumers alike. His success as a hedge fund manager didn’t hurt either, where he has made billions of dollars for his thousands of clients over the years. As soon as you walk into his office, you are introduced to a plethora of amazing artwork that set a tone for his investors and employees that could not be set any other way except for by art. One could say that it is his art collection being displayed at his hedge fund offices that inspire other influencers of the world to gravitate towards his particular style of art. He wants others to experience the sheer brilliance of a piece, and that tinge of emotion that prickles inside when viewing certain pieces of art.

Being a man that knows what he loves and goes after it is the very foundation of his success as an art collector. He truly enjoys the art that he purchases and people enjoy him and the mood that they are persuaded into feeling by visiting his offices or just existing in his presence.

It is extremely important to Adam to promote pieces of work that are extremely sentimental to him. His goal is to give artists that deserve a shot the greenlight to other art collectors to enjoy and indulge. One could say that being a tastemaker is his real talent, for it has served him well in the world of investing and it continues to serve him well in the world of art collecting. It is very rare for art collectors to purchase any piece of art that is not endorsed by a plethora of people in the art world as well. When everyone follows this mentality of following what others say, it leads to a league of people that are going nowhere fast. With Adam Sender, it is different because he actually has a direction and he is willing to share that direction with the art world and guide them into following his vision. The Sender collection has thrust the ideals of the contemporary art movement back into the fore of the conversation about quality enduring art forms.


Vijay Eswaran is a business person born in Malaysia and is currently the chairperson of the QI Group and the QNet CEO. He was born in 7th October 1960. He studied socio-economics in university level and graduated as a degree holder from London school of economics in the year 1984. After that he spent a year in Europe where he was introduced to a binary marketing system. He studied and obtained a certificate from CIMA and thereafter advanced to an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois in1986. He returned to Malaysia where he ventured into multilevel marketing under Cosway Group in Philipines.

In 1998 after his return to Asia, he partnered and founded a multi-level marketing corporation that has grown and expanded to what is popularly referred to as the QI group that is an e-commerce founded corporation. This group has its main offices in Honk Kong, Malaysia and now spread to more than ten countries in the world. Vijay Eswaran has extended his eloquence in speech giving opportunities like the sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India as well as the world economic forums. He is a writer with more than two published books. One of the achievements that Eswaran is proud to have been awarded Malaysian Business Awards CEO of the Year from the Asean Business Council in 2013.

As the creator and exclusive Chairperson of the Group of Firms, he is the head of a multi-business corporation that has an occurrence in a diversity of sectors. He has been bestowed a great number of awards counting the special award for Education Free Enterprise and Leadership at the 18th Malaysian Education Summit, prearranged by the Asian approach and leadership Institute. He was also presented an award by the Malaysian Minister of Education II. This award recognizes Eswaran for his innovation, vision and success in navigating through success in a period of three years.
Forbes Asia name him number 25 for Malaysia’s 50 Richest.

Eswaran has had a successful lead through the times of difficulties ever since he cofounded his company. At that time, he had no connection in business but he struggled through to attain his great level of success. He affirms to continue facing his challenges to the end to come out with the real success he deserves. He describes his leadership style as it was instilled by his father as a service above self-leadership style. He describes that success in an organization is like a professional sports team that assembles its best players and sets them forth to achieve a goal and outdo their opponents.

Eswaran has a great lesson to teach the world through his past life and the success he has been able to achieve by now. His great leadership skills and value for education has propelled him this far he has reached. His personal motivation comes from an interaction with his customers who encourage him to push people to innovate and continue changing lives with each passing day.

Qnet: Modern Marketing

When it comes to multi-level marketing, few firms can claim to compete with Qnet. It is based in Malaysia. Qnet has enjoyed continuous growth over the last couple of years due to the distinguished sense of leadership that has seen it being touted as one of the top direct selling firms in the world. Direct selling refers to the process where the products and services being offered are offered to the final consumer directly. Qnet delivers quality products and services across a wide range of market needs. The company kicked off its operations by selling collectible gold coins as investment items but has since grown in both size and market scope. QNET accepts marketing representatives from different corners of the globe.


In order to emphasize on the ambition of Qnet, they have recently announced plans to have a new expanded office in India. This market will seek to have consumer goods as well as electronics introduced to the Indian market. This is not to say that its presence has not already been felt in the country as they already have manufacturing wing in the country in addition to producing an energy drink by the name Nutriplus. The operations in the country have elicited a one hundred percent increase in the profits that have been enjoyed by the company.
QNet is protecting its business reputation from other companies and individuals and will remain an integral part of the Indian retail sector for many years to come.


Perhaps one of the most profound successes that have been witnessed by Qnet includes the new partnership with English Premier League giants Manchester City Football Club. This is not only a statement of intent, but also represents of the fastest growing companies in the world. The company has interests and sells products across a wide range of sectors. This includes energy, fashion accessories, nutrition, health care and weight management. It is worth noting that one of the features that have to be associated with Qnet is the leadership that has been adopted to govern the company over the years. This is especially so when put into perspective with the different branches that are available.


The presence of Qnet has seen it have offices in almost every Asian country such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand. The company has continued to enjoy massive growth since its formation as a subsidiary of the famous QI group. The business model that has been adopted to regulate the operations of the company is perhaps to be credited with the popularity that it has attracted across a wide variety of market clients from different parts of the world. The personal representatives of Qnet personally refer the products and services that are being offered to the consumers. They earn their compensation based on the sales volume that they have made in addition to the guaranteed entitlement that they have. Under the current structure, it is expected that Qnet will continue experiencing huge success rates.

Moderate Physical Conditioning Can Make Or Break A Fun Ski Trip

The fall and winter seasons are a wonderful time of the year for hose who ski and snowboard because they know that fun under a cold sun is best experienced on the slopes. Skiing is a wonderful activity that allows families and friends to enjoy a scenic and communal environment for a few months out of the year.

However, one the things that skiers should always keep in mind is the physical toll that skiing takes on the human body. It is highly recommended to establish a regular exercise routine before the ski season starts so you can be prepared for the endurance and stamina that is required for the intense cardio-laden activity.

Herein lies the problem, many skiers do not exercise within a 12- month period, and to make matters worse, skiing is the first physical activity that they participate in all year long. When skiers plunge right into the slopes without proper physical conditioning and preparation, it generally results in serious injuries or severe fatigue. Skiers are strongly encouraged to take precautionary measures, for there is nothing worse than having to cut your ski trip short because of frequent cramping, aching muscles or an unplanned hospital visit. If you have any medical conditions, especially if it is heart related, you should visit your primary care physician to make certain that you are medically cleared to ski. In some cases, people are unaware of the fact that they have a heart condition until after they have suffered from a heart attack on the slopes. Researchers recommend for all skiers, even the ones who are physically fit, to gradually increase their activity level on the slopes opposed to starting off aggressively.

Another factor skiers should always consider is the level of professionalism, maintenance and the quality of a ski resort’s facilities. If a ski resort is not well-maintained or is under poor management, the risk of injury significantly increases. Fortunately, there are some representative ski resorts that serve as a template for a well managed destination. For example, Squaw Valley Ski resort and, the adjacent, Alpine Meadows Ski resort, which are both located in Olympic Valley, CA are superbly managed by its CEO, Andy Wirth.

Both ski resorts represent an elite environment that reflect the top down management style of  Andy Wirth and his high standards of excellence. The ability of Wirth to create a safe, fun and professional environment is rooted in his 25 years of experience in the ski and lodging business. When Wirth became the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski resort, he immediately implemented a $70 million renovation project to increase the quality of its facilities and to put his resort on the map as one of the top ski destinations in the world. Ski resorts like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are examples of destinations that warrant critically acclaimed reviews for excellent customer service and top-of-the-line facilities and rental equipment.

A Brief Insight about Jaime Garcia Dias

Brazil is one of the countries whose history runs so deep and wide. This is why the country has experienced the great literal industry in history. The Latin American giant in both economic and literature aspects has been a center of attraction to readers and literature experts. Owing to its literal development, Brazil has established its literature base to assume the global outfit that the country has become. The country also boast of one of the multifaceted cultural structure and it is one of the most expansive and developed multicultural nations in the world. As a result, there has emerged a new generation of writers and experts who have taken the writing industry to whole new level.

Jaime Garcia Dias is one of the greatest and respected authors in the country. His style of writing and his taste are greatly unique and recognizable accumulating a fan base that has been of great support to him and his successful career. He began showing signs and interest in writing at an early age. To be exact, by the time he was 15 years of age he was on his way up in his writing career. He learned and drew his inspiration from his father who was also a writer. In fact, he got the skill and enhanced his chances in writing from reading most of his father’s works of art.

By the time he was cloaking his 20s, he had already become a good writer commanding a sizable market in the industry. By this time, he was already a teacher at a Brazilian academy where he taught literature. As he was teaching, his skills were still getting better and eventually he was rising up to the occasion and when the opportunity came, he was ready to cease it. He was teaching while writing at the same time and by the time he was 30 he had already completed and published 10 books.

Throughout his career he has been able to attract some of the greatest and enviable awards in the country. One of these awards include the White Crane Award. This is an awards that is meant to encourage and support young and upcoming writers in the country. Being an upcoming and a highly performing writer, he was awarded the award in honor and recognition of his effort. Today he is revered by the greatest player in the industry and he is one of greatest inspiration to young writers in the Brazilian writing industry. Interestingly, he began at the institution where he worked as a teacher. However, told that his hard work propelled him up the scales and he eventually became the institution’s president. His impressive performance has been seen in every aspect of his life ever since.

The Meteoritic Rise Of Citadel LLC And Kenneth Griffin

Citadel LLC is a Chicago based hedge fund founded by Ken Griffin. Griffin, inspired by an article in Forbes magazines, started investing in his freshman year at Harvard. He even had a satellite dish installed on the roof of his dorm so he could get information from the markets in real-time. By the time he completed his economics degree in 1989, he had stated a second hedge fund and was managing over $1 million in assets. When he founded Citadel in 1990, Griffin had about $4 million in investments. The company had over $2 million in assets by 1998.

Veteran investors and financial industry watchers began to speak of Griffin in reverential terms on as an investment wunderkind. And he did not disappoint. By age 34, Kenneth C. Griffin had a net worth in excess of $650 million. And he was just beginning to hit his stride. Before he turned 45 years old, Griffin’s net worth had climbed to over $5.5 billion and he had become a trusted voice on national and international money matters, a major philanthropist that had given over $500 million to charity, and the world’s most active art collector. Griffin even gave $150 million to Harvard’s financial aid department to help needy students.

Citadel LLC had begun a meteoritic rise as well. Griffin was a shrewd fund manager. He was able to guide the company through the financial crisis of 2008 and emerge stronger than ever. The privately owned investment management firm handles both hedge funds and client focused portfolios. Citadel invests in global alternative markets, fixed income, and public equity. The company also invests in derivatives like reverse repurchase agreements, repurchase agreements, interest-rate swaps, options, and futures along with commodities and currency. Citadel also uses a mix of strategies to make its investments. They include structured credit strategies, credit arbitrage, and event-driven.

The company uses mortgage-backed securities and government bonds for its fixed income investments. Citadel combines a bottom-up approach to stock picking with fundamental and quantitative analysis when creating its investment portfolio. It is also known for its thorough, in-depth, in-house research as an effective tool for deciding on investments. Citadel was also the first company to enable Chinese investors to put money in foreign hedge funds. The company has assets under management of more than $26 billion placing it among the largest alternative asset managers on the planet.

Citadel is more than 25 years old. That puts among the 3% of hedge funds which have lasted over 20 years. Because of its stellar track record, university endowments, sovereign wealth funds, pensions, and others among the largest institutional investors in the world give their assets to Citadel to manage. The company has grown tremendously. Stated with just a small staff, Citadel now has over 1400 employees split between its headquarters in Chicago and its branch offices in Hong Kong, London, Boston, Dallas, Greenwich, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC have definitely made their mark in the industry.

Status Labs Joins the Austin Chamber of Commerce

When it comes to public relations there are very few companies that are able to produce the type of quality results as status labs. Status Labs has been able to create a great reputation for the services that they provide. This company has been gaining customer confidence for quite some time now and they have also been making a great name for themselves in the local business community. On August 13, 2015 Status Labs joined the Austin Chamber of Commerce. This is a great opportunity for Status Labs to become more involved in the local community and to create great business relationships in the local community. The Austin Chamber of Commerce has for many years been helping businesses to grow not only in their local community but in their larger markets as well. When the chamber of commerce helps these local businesses to grow it benefits everyone. This is why it is so important for companies to take advantage of this service.

With over 1,500 clients in 35 plus countries it is easy to see why Status Labs is moving forward so quickly in their pursuit for true greatness. The decision to join the chamber of commerce will only help to further solidify their place in the business world. More and more you can see that Status Labs is taking the right steps towards creating the type of company that will really stay around for quite some time. It will be very exciting to see where the next few years takes this rapidly growing company.

Investing Advice And Why Madison Street Capital Is Trending

Investing is essential for anyone who has disposable income. Investing is not advisable if one is struggling to pay bills, or does not have an excess amount of money one can comfortably afford to lose. Some people who have investments may not know all the ins and outs of the investing market, but it is not too hard to find much out about them.

Sometimes, the performance of a commodity, stock, or money market one has investment in has the potential to change wildly. It is important to diversify a portfolio so an investor is less prone to losing the value of their investments.

There are two broad types of investments: short-term and long-term. The majority of investments are long-term; after all, investing does have to do with long-term assets, or long-term applications of current assets. Investing is not intended for users to make a fortune quickly, as individuals or portfolio managers could lose a lot of money. Investing is intended only for those people who can afford to lose the entire investment, and still be able to live normally. This is not to say that investments can not earn money, as they do the majority of the time, but investments are intended to be funded with money that is not used for paying bills or other obligations.

Madison Street Capital is an investing firm that operates out of the United States, Ghana, and India. The Chief Operating Officer, the highest-ranking position in the company, is Mr. Anthony Marsala. More information about Madison Street Capital can be found at

MSC offers a variety of services, such as corporate advisory, business valuation, and financial consulting. By using their services, they guarantee that you will earn your money, or they will provide services equal to the amount of money lost.

Know which short-term investments to fund. Some short-term decisions can net a significant return, even when some situations are not very risky. The majority of a portfolio should consist of long-term investments, as a way to help reduce the risk of losing money. Different portfolios are geared toward different outcomes, so investing in portfolios with the most fitting orientation towards time is recommended.

Madison Street Capital is able to lend their services to anyone located within the United States, Ghana, or India. Astute investors who are looking for a consultation, or investors who are not very informed of the investing world should contact Madison Street Capital today.

Get Investment Advice From Madison Street Capital

Investment advice is crucial. The American stock market can be confusing and unclear even for those who have already invested a great deal in the national markets. The same is even more true for those abroad or those who may wish to invest in many kinds of stock markets. Companies that seek funds from both American markets and markets overseas will find it important to make sure they they have the best possible advice at all times. The right kind of investment advice can help make sure that any company will be able to do use the markets as effectively and easily as possible.

Using finance well can help provide any company with the kind of help they need to avoid problems of any kind with their business and keep their investors happy. Finance methods help companies get access to capital from varied sources in order to help them make sure they will always have enough cash on hand for all their business needs. The right kind of financial advice is crucial for companies that are just starting out or companies that wish to expand into new markets of all kinds. A company head may understand businesses law and operations in the United States but may not be as familiar with laws and capital management techniques overseas.

This is where a company such as Madison Street Capital can be the ideal help for any company official who needs the best possible advice at all times. The right investment advice can make a true difference in how a company is able to operate. Madison Street Capital was founded in order to give their clients such advice. Staffers at Madison Street Capital are fully dedicated to meeting the highest possible goals at all times. They offer service to their clients that are based on giving their clients access to help that is always based on adhering to highest possible standards of justice, honesty and integrity. Those who work with Madison Street Capital Will fin a company that is dedicated to providing all of their clients with the kind of advice that can help them discover just how much they can use their existing capital well or how they can tap into other forms of capital in order to help them accomplish all the goals that they have in mind for the company. The result are many highly satisfied clients around the world.

Joseph Bismark Reveals Martina Hingis as the New QNET’s Ambassador

The QI Group has revealed the new brand ambassador for QNET. QNET is a direct selling company that is based in Asia. The unveiling of Martina Hingis as the brand ambassador was done in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Hamdan Sports Arena. The announcement was made as QNET was celebrating its 17th anniversary.
The Independent Representatives of QNET meet yearly to celebrate, learn and develop as one big community. The V-Con conventions are a grand fete attended by scores of Independent Representatives working for the organization. This year’s celebration had a crowd of up to 10,000 people and was by far the largest convention ever held.
Martina Hingis is a professional tennis player and the world wide ambassador for the International Tennis hall of fame. The five-time Grand Slam winner is happy to be working with QNET, which has a standing in more than 100 countries. According to BusinessWire, Martina received the title from Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of the QI group. She expressed her pleasure in working with QNET, which has teams like the Manchester City Football Club and the Marussia Formula 1 group in its sponsorship deals.
As a brand Ambassador, Martina has the role of competing in some of the QNET sponsored events where her presence is required. She is meant to represent India while playing in the Champion Tennis League. In addition, Martina will endorse the brand products and dress up in the QNET attire.
Joseph Bismark is a talented and dynamic leader who has curved a name for himself owing to his immense contribution in entrepreneurship activities. He is one of the founders of the QI Group. During a corporate restructuring in 2008, he became the Group Managing Director of the group, a position he holds up to date. He believes in using the philosophies of spirituality as a base for business operations. He also believes that every person has unique qualities that makes them stand out in the crowd.
Joseph Bismark is accredited with helping QI venture into the organic foods and wellness business. He is dedicated towards ensuring that people live a healthy lifestyle. Through the company, he has been assisting in the fight of cancer, diabetes and other life style diseases. Joseph knows the value of giving to society and helping other people to establish their own businesses. He helped form RYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility branch of the group.