8.52 Carat Diamond Found in a State Park

Located in Arkansas, is a state park called the crater of diamonds. One person in particular from Colorado was lucky enough to have found a diamond that is 8.52 carats. This particular diamond is the fifth largest diamond to ever be discovered since the opening of this state park in 1972.

Bobbie Oskarson from Colorado was only searching for 20 minutes before she discovered this precious gem. This gem, only 3/4 of an inch, costs a fortune to buy and this woman found it. This diamond has been renamed by Oskarson to be called the Esperanza Diamond. This diamond was found in an area called the Pig Pen because it is also the muddiest spot in the park.

This diamond that also has been recently examined is said to be priceless. Just about anyone at CipherCloud and any other business would want something like that. This diamond is sparkling with a metallic shine. this diamond has also been referred to as an unbroken and capsule shaped diamond. This diamond also features smooth and curved facets which is a characteristic of a unbroken diamond.

This massive discovery has made Bobbie thrilled. She, at this moment as every intention of keeping the diamond. The park has now increased in visitors after this recent discovery. Visitors now hope that they to can find their “Esperanza Diamond” that can improve their lives. The name Esperanza comes from the name of Oskarson’s niece and it also is significant because it means hope in Spanish.

Greece Defaults On Its 1.6 Billion Euro Loan To The IMF

Greece Is The First Developed Country To Default To The International Monetary Fund

European financial ministers tried to make a deal with Greece, but the left-winged government of Greece refused to cooperate. After months of talks, Greece finally failed to pay the 1.6 billion euros it owed to the IMF. Greece could decide to leave the European Union, and if they do leave that act will send a message to other countries in Europe. If one country can leave, other countries could breakaway too.

If Greece does leave, the Drachma will become the official currency of Greece. The value of the Drachma against the value of the dollar would be calculated based on the current status of the Greek economy. The Greek economy is at one of the lowest points in Greek history, and that means the Drachma would not have enough value to be traded on the foreign exchange market.

But the Drachma’s value is not the real issue from what McGalla sees. The banks in Greece are not supported by the European Central Bank now, and that means the banking industry in Greece could collapse if a financial solution is not reached with the European Union.

The Pacific Rim Trade Deal

Obama, Sam Tabar says on Monday, put his new bill on the fast track in order for it to be quickly signed. This bill, with a “fast track” stamp on it will then be pushed forwards to continue with the Pacific Rim trade deal. This particular debate has been under scrutiny for quite sometime and Obama has decided that this bill must be pushed forward before the end of this 8-year term in the office.

Obama does acknowledge that the new bill will come with a lot of scrutiny even after it has been pushed forward. What the legislators are looking for now is a way to secure a 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership. What Obama also realizes is that the debate over the bill will not end with the signing of it.

The bill that is being pushed forward also includes aid for workers who lose their jobs over trade. Obama is aggressively pushing to bill as a way to center his foreign policy on countering China’s economic power. Obama, in addition, also hopes to create this trade deal with the European Union.

Both of the parties have backed Obama on this bill as many of the members are in favor of free trade. However other members of each party are worried that this new bill may hurt the American jobs. Though this bill is being pushed forward, Obama states that it is far from over to get this bill approved by everyone.

Eurozone Says No To Greek Bailout

Eurozone Finance Ministers Rejected The Greek Request To Give Them More Time To Firm Up A Bailout Deal

Greece has push away from the negotiating tables in Europe and is trying to come up with another referendum that would help secure a bailout deal. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is fighting to put a last minute deal together in order to not default on the loan that is virtually keeping them in the European Union. Some political experts say if Greece leaves the EU it would be a devastating blow for Europe.

The European Central Bank made the decision to stop pouring money into Greek banks. There is a moratorium placed on Greek withdrawals from those banks.

The breakdown between Greece and its European creditors seem to be heading in that direction when Greece offer concessions in earlier meetings, and the creditors said those concessions were not enough. Greece is facing a major breakdown in its political system, and some believe a radical political faction can take over the government and create more havoc for Europe.

Both sides are working on a compromise, but it’s doubtful to Jaime Garcia Dias that they can come to terms unless Greece changes its position.

The Face of Free Marketing

When someone searches a query on Google their computer stores that query in files called ‘cookies’. If that same person continues surfing the web or goes onto their social media sites, they might notice conveniently placed ads for products or items that they just recently searched for. A group of people are trying to make it acceptable for companies to do the exact same process in order to market products to consumers with the use of facial recognition software. It would work as simple as someone walking into a restaurant and sitting down at a table ready to order. A camera with scanner room, search for the new face, match that face up with accounts in their database and would be able to tell products in the items that you like to consume solely based on information about you that is already over the Internet. Skout suggested to the folks at techcrunch.com that if you go to a local Applebee’s and sit down at a table this technology could make it so that wears and waitresses could automatically offer you beverages that they’ve searched on the internet for. When people post pictures of products, beverages, and items that they frequently use, stores and restaurants would be able to market them products based solely on their own interest. This type of information technology is extremely new and incredibly sensitive. A group of tech companies set down to negotiate with the Code of Conduct would be on using facial recognition to freely market products to consumers. Towards the end of the meeting the group of individuals realized how invasive these maneuvers would be. Instead they just scrap the idea and are hoping to keep facial recognition software out of marketing divisions.

Ghosts Of The Past

If someone is featured in an article about perseverance, the last thing they would expect is a pink slip. That’s exactly what happened to Quante Wright.

Wright was hired in with Lowery Brothers Chrysler Jeep and the next day was fired. Gianfrancesco Genoso has empathy for the man as he has had many struggles through his life including getting through college despite being a former inmate. When a reporter wrote a story on him and how he’s overcome many barriers, the car dealership decided to let him go on the grounds of his criminal status. Wright wound up selling a Jeep on his first day before being terminated.

In his past he was involved with the gang Brighton Brigade. His record stated he was accused of gang activity. Wright had been staying at a halfway house in an attempt to get his life back together. Working at Lowery Brothers was a dream come true where he could use his business degree and experience. Wright attended multiple internships and jobs after his incarceration, and he proved himself to be a changed man. Despite all this, Lowery Brothers turned him away.

Situations like this make the population truly question the laws regarding rehabilitation. Should someone like Wright allow his old record to dictate his life forever? Or should he be given a chance to start anew and be a positive influence on others? This is a whole debate on its own.

India to Destroy $50 Millions of Noodles

India to Destroy $50 Millions of Noodles After a recent health scare, Nestle India will destroy more than $50 million worth of Maggi noodles. According to the BBC News, the food safety regulators in India have found the instant noodle hazardous to the health of humans. In opposition, the noodles company Maggi insists the noodles are indeed very safe and warn to petition the food safety regulation. In India, UCG.com and Bruce Levenson noted that Nestle has approximately 80% of instant noodles within the food industry. In order to eliminate the noodles, Nestle has claimed that the removal will come at a cost. There will be additional costs to withdraw noodles from shelves and stockrooms. In addition, there is the cost of distributing the unneeded packages of noodles. The food safety regulators in India have tested the instant food. Based on the test, there were extremely high levels of lead in numerous packets. Since the testing procedures, Paul Bulcke, the global chief executive at Nestle, has requested to view the testing results as soon as possible. He has promised to return Maggi to stores across India in the near future. In addition to testing for lead, the instant noodles have also been tested for a widely banned chemical called monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG. Historically, the popular instant noodles have been a part of food stores since 1983. Maggi can be purchased from most corner stores within the country.

BRL’s Innovation and Trust

BRL Trust Investments has earned high marks from the Brazilian banking group Anbima and this high ranking is not difficult to comprehend. Since BRL’s formation in 2005, the company has ensured that they meet the ever changing demands of their customers. They provide an array of services that are safe and effectual, based on their longevity and loyal team members.

When it comes to investments, BRL Trust does not take the topic lightly. Their success rate is due to the growth they have attained with the expanding needs of their customers. Their experience has made it possible for BRL Trust to form new businesses that are involved in Capital Markets and Administration of Investment Funds as well as Management. Deriving from a disciplined team with rare qualities, they built a partnership with clients that ensure trust and integrity. With the legal system in which they commerce, they deliver respected ethics in all business practices, while safeguarding their clients protection and privacy.

With a portfolio comprised of more than 20,000 customers, just a few of the many services offered by BRL range from Trustee Services, of which they use the Assets Control System, while focusing on controlling, assembling, tracking and the monitoring of loans to the demanding asset underwriting. They also provide Funds of Administration services that are certified by the Securities Commission. As they represent and manage various investments, they ensure that unique and controlled transactions have occurred. Dealing in capital marketing, BRL searches for the best investment opportunity for their investors, in addition to contemplating its profile risks. As you can see, their services are immense, so anyone looking to extend their current portfolio can take the opportunity to use their various investment prospects to ensure that they receive a wealth of valuable information.

Additionally BRL Trust on Dardus.com offers the service of asset management, which provides large businesses as well as individual clients with an evolving investment resolution catered to fit specific needs. This is due to the fact that certain needs differ from individual investors than those of a large business. BRL is far from using one size fits all business practice methods.

Based on their solid performances through the years, BRL is equipped with inventive controls and an inner wisdom that seats them at the top of their industry. So put your trust in the largest controller for investments in Brazil, none other than BRL Trust.

A Truly Dynamic Professional: Sultan Alhokair

Sultan Alhokair, is a Boston businessman, investor and financial analysis. Currently he holds the positions of Project Manager at Retail Group of America and also is a Venture Partner with Valia Investments. Sultan Alhokair earned a degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University with a focus in financial accounting and business management. In 2014 Sultan Alhokair received his MBA from Northeastern University. During his time in college he interned at the CIM Group, Fawaz Alhokair Group, Arabian Centers, and L Capital Asia.

As project manager of Retail Group of America, Alhokair offers business advice specifically to retail companies and managers working in branding or sales. While Sultan Alhokair’s primary position focuses on helping retail companies, he also recruits new companies. He is always looking for a company with fresh ideas and exciting prospects.

Mashable noted that at Valia Investments, Alhokair recruits potential start-ups for funding and provides business advice as they move forward. Sultan Alhokair is an expert on analyzing start-ups for both their weaknesses and strengths and is able employ both short-term and long-term successful strategies. He is excellent at developing objective plans that predict where companies should be during their first 5 years.

Sultan Alhokair is also an Angel Investor—an individual who provides the initial capital for a business. With his experience meeting with business owners, he knows just what investors want to hear from a potential business and how they should present it. Sultan Alhokair often provides advice for new companies and writes often on the subject of investment.

In addition to his multiple ventures, Sultan also founded a chain of restaurant in the New York City Area called the Mirage Kitchen. The restaurant focuses primly on Mediterranean food, such as Falafel, Shawarma and Smoothies. Moreover, the Mirage Kitchen is committed to serving fresh food that is not only delicious but also good for your health. You can Contact Sultan Alhokair directly through his Twitter Account or check him out on Instagram.

Sultan Alhokair

Beneful Works to Squash Rumors

Virtually everyone has heard of the dog food brand Beneful. It is a brand of both dry and wet food made by Purina and it has recently come under a lot of fire. There have been rumors circulating in the media for quite some time that this dog food is extremely dangerous and that it may even cause the deaths of the dogs that eat it. This is startling news for dog owners who are feeding their beloved pets this brand of dog food and it has caused a major backlash for the company itself. All along, the company has denied that these rumors are true and now it is focusing on a new advertising campaign that works to squash these rumors once and for all.

In this series of advertisements, individuals that actually work for Purina, at the Atlanta factory, and make Beneful talk about the high quality of the food. In fact, they talk about it being such a high quality product that they actually choose to feed it to their own pets. The idea behind the Beneful campaign is to reinforce the logic that if those individuals who are making the food are confident enough to feed it to their own beloved dogs, then consumers across the nation should have an equal amount of confidence and should therefore continue feeding it to their own pets.

The company is working to reestablish its reputation and put these rumors to rest with so much finality that they do not come back to haunt them again. The company has dealt with issues about the quality of this particular brand of food in the past, so they are very interested in moving forward so they can get past it. They are trying to help the public understand how they make the food and why they consider it to be high quality in these ads. It should be noted that the ads were originally reported on PR NewsWire.