In Brazil Marketing Begins With A Good Advertising Campaign

Advertising and marketing go hand-in-hand in Brazil. Advertising as well as marketing are art forms and attempting to put a successful campaign together without an experience Brazilian advertising agency is a modern day version of business Russian roulette. One of the top advertising companies in Brazil is Heads Propaganda, and the leader of that top-rated agency is Cláudio Loureiro. Loureiro has 25 years of advertising experience and the ads that come out of his agency show that he is a master when it comes to understanding the traditions, protocols, humor and the discourses of the Brazilian culture. Cláudio and his staff know the local regulations, tastes and the cultural preferences that exist in different areas of Brazil. For example, the north of Brazil is completely different than the south of Brazil in terms of culture, ethnic background and social sensitivities.

The Brazilian advertising industry is one of the best in the world. Heads Propaganda specializes in local, regional and country ads that bring a touch of sophistication, humor and excitement to any product or service that is available in Brazil. Cultural sensitivity and understanding the regulations and protocol are key ingredients in a successful advertising campaign. Businesses that want to advertise in Brazil must know the market. Trying to use an ad that was successful in another country usually doesn’t work in Brazil. Trying to translate existing ads into Brazilian ads rarely hit the mark, which is getting as much exposure as possible and as many sales as possible.

In order to sell products and services in Brazil, businesses must realize that women are prime targets. Women make up 40 percent of the workforce in Brazil, but most women have lower-paying jobs like teachers, nurses, and administrative support roles. Women are battling wage and sex discrimination, and ads that focus on their fight can make a huge impact on the market in one way or another. The best way to advertise in Brazil is to study the market, listen to the experts, and offer products and services that make life easier in Brazil.

Alexei Beltyukov On Why SOLVY Education is Important

Alexei Beltyukov is the CEO of SOLVY that is making the news consistently because of its innovative approach to mathematics. The educational system operates online and is easily the best thing Alexei Beltyukov has ever been a part of. Also, Alexei Beltyukov has revolutionized the system further ever since he has become the CEO of the project.

SOLVY isn’t just where the work of Alexei Beltyukov on education ends. He has previously undertaken a lot of philanthropic work. For instance, INSEAD, the alma mater of Alexei Beltyukov, started a Russian Scholarship Program with the help of Alexei Beltyukov. The entrepreneur has always been of the opinion that education is the most important thing in the world. Here are the views of Alexei Beltyukov on education –

Nothing Can Replace Proper Education – Alexei Beltyukov has stressed time and time again that SOLVY isn’t there to replace classroom education. He is of the opinion that classroom education, as a concept and activity, works too well to be replaced by any other system. It is currently the best system at the world’s disposal. However, classroom education often needs support and this support can be achieved by SOLVY and its resources.

Instills A Healthy Sense of Competition – SOLVY has one primary goal – not just spreading literacy among children but actually educating them on concepts that are difficult to understand. Because of its online medium, students are not restricted by boundaries. Then can join SOLVY and get their doubts cleared at their own pace. This, in turn, helps students deal with a healthy amount of competition without feeling too pressurized. After all, SOLVY is not there to pit students against each other but hopes to spread the joy of education all around.

Prepares Children For Life Ahead – In high school, the concepts are largely theoretical and the questions are simple. However, after high school and in university, Graduate, Masters, and Doctoral degrees, the level of knowledge necessary is pretty high. Even in professions, certain concepts must be strong in order to succeed. Students can never hope to compete on that level if their basics aren’t clear. Thus, by ensuring that students have strong basics, SOLVY also ensures that they are prepared for their life ahead.

Allows Teacher To be Involved As Much As Possible – Teachers too can use SOLVY as a means of better understanding what their students’ learning curve is. Some students understand concepts pretty quickly while others take some time to do so. As a teacher, it is important to help the slower students grasp the concept better. With SOLVY, teachers can monitor the progress of their students and even find out which concepts are most confusing to the children.

The gift of education is the best gift of all and this is why SOLVY is such a groundbreaking online educational tool for the benefit of not just students but the educational standard in the country throughout. Because of SOLVY and the efforts of Alexei Beltyukov, the project has been lauded by everyone in the educational industry.


Those of you who are looking to become an economist like Christian Borda, congratulations. You are well on your way to becoming a success. There are lots of options out there for you. All you need to do is apply yourself early on, then the rest will fall into place.

Christian Broda didn’t become a success overnight. He also most certainly didn’t hit the ground running. He applied himself in class and aced his exam.

The exam is one of the more difficult things you will do on your road to becoming a successful economist. If you know what to expect going in, you won’t feel as flustered.

Here are some helpful hints:


Find out what is going to be included on the exam. If your professor is allowed, ask for a detailed outline. Find what you will need to be prepared for. Your professor will be proud you are taking the bull by the horns.


The overview is where most of thing notes will be applied. Read over everything. Make sure to include any big ideas that came up during class. These idea will be part of the final exam, more then likely. Study with the notion that everything could be included.

Never make the assumption of “this would never be on the test.’ Usually, the things you never thought would be present, end up being present.

Also, look over any old tests you might have. Look over the styling of the test. Take note of the pattern of questions. More then likely, the final exam will follow suit. This way you will be prepared no matter what happens.


The amount of time is not that very important. It’s the consistency and quality of your study time. Do not do the 8 hours study pattern. Too many have done this. These individuals have ended up getting burned out. Once these individuals took the test, their minds went blank. This is what happens with long study sessions. Good study sessions focus on shorter periods, allowing for break times.


Take note of the time of day you do your studying. Do this every day. Get plenty of rest. Eat right. A good balanced diet will help you achieve more with your goals. Begin each study session with the subject you ended on. This will keep your brain flexible and fluid. It will also provide an opportunity to see what your memory comprehended.


Get in the habit of writing things down. Read your notes out loud. You will be able to absorb more information this way. Pace yourself. Know your limits and be conscious of these limits. Don’t burn yourself out.

You can find out some more tips from Christian on his site. Google his information. It will be a huge stepping stone in your ladder of success.

The U.S. Economy Reacts To The China Stock Market Melt Down

This week saw stocks all over the world sell off. The stock markets that had been riding high based on projections from China backed off fast when that Asian country failed to live up to expectations. The U.S. economy has been doing fairly well for the last six months. However, with bad news coming in from Europe and Asia, many investors are very worried about the market and the economy in the United States. Now investors are waiting to see what the Fed plans on doing with interest rates.

For years now people have been waiting for the Fed to raise interest rates, effectively slowing down on the expansion of the money supply. For almost ten years, the Fed has flooded the world with U.S. dollars. If they start pulling back, it could have a number of interesting results. The impact on inflation and spending power will immediate. It also could impact purchasing power and employment. These important economic data points are exactly what economists are now furiously analysing.

Economists such as Christian Broda are tapped for their insights into the U.S. economy. Although someone like Broda is given the same economic news and data as everyone else, he has been trained to look at it in a much different way. Broda can’t afford to sit back and compile the data after it’s released. That’s what retail investors do and that’s why they’re selling off in a panic. Broda needed to see that this was coming six months ago so he could alert his clients. Reacting to news means you’re way too late to take advantage of it. Economists have to reasonably predict the future in a way that allows their clients to act rationally. Broda has developed a mindset that allows him to do this easily.

Right now the sell off will likely continue. Investors are always dealing with their emotions. Most of them are going to be extremely stressed out by the recent losses. They are more likely to sell everything so they can wash their hands of the market. This is how the average investor always reacts to bad news. This means there are actually many bargains available on the stock market for those with capital. Warren Buffett has long been known for buying stocks when everybody else has already sold. Value investors are now looking through the carcasses for bargains that can be found. The economy will be watched closely for further actions by all. The Fed’s announcement about the interest rates will set a tone, just as happens when the Central Banks of the world try to react to the economic news. Central banks generally can’t do much to quell the unrest, but they always try.

Highland Capital Management: Redefining Investment

The financial aspect is one of the most important in the life of every individual. You need to make sound financial decisions that not only take care of your future, but also ones that ensure that the options you make are in your total best interests. Highland Capital Management provides excellent advisory services in all financial matters. This is done with commitment, professionalism and a high sense of expertise in every respect that is handled.

Under the presidency of Mr. James Dondero, the firm has grown and established itself to be one of the best in the industry. This is partly to be attributed to the strong and astute leadership style of James Dondero and the commitment that is offered by everyone at Highland Capital Management. The academic qualifications that he has attained in addition to having the distinguished Chartered Financial Analyst designation further strengthen the high value that James has been associated with in all the undertakings that he has made. This is to be considered alongside the fact that his career and experience spans across almost thirty years, all spread across different high ranking positions.

Perhaps the most profound element of Dondero’s elite career is how he handles success and the way he treats those around him. He has always been a great advocate of progressively making the lives of other better and enriching it in the process. This has endeared him to all those that have had the honor of working for him as well as under his stewardship. This has also created an air of appreciation for every stakeholder at Highland Capital Management. Being a bond analyst, James has managed to transform the firm into one of the most preferred in the country for sound financial advice over a broad range of emerging investment and market matters.

Select Portfolios

Some of the investment and management financial advisory segments that are covered include:

  • Mortgage backed securities that range from different amounts
  • Corporate focused investment grades
  • Bank leveraged loans also of different and varying amounts
  • Investment matters in emerging markets
  • Investment in real estate and other market opportunities
  • Preferred as well as common stocks

As a student at the University of Virginia, James was able to study and attain the highest possible accreditation. Highland Capital Management definitely offers you the best chance and opinion on how to make the best financial investments work out for you. This is done with a consideration of your preferences and the facts are objectively analyzed against the prevailing market conditions. This has the end result of providing you with different option from which to choose from all with the sole and primary objective of seeking the best possible practical yields for your investment decisions.

Hedge Fund Manager Gives Good Advise To Neophyte Financiers

Brian Bonar is the current CEO of Dalrada Corporation. The Scottish financial guru is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world. Bonar got his start in his homeland. He began growing relationships with many companies before he got out of college. He received a mechanical engineering degree from Strathclyde University and then went on to get an MBA from Stafford University in England. Bonar has either worked at or sat on the boards of a number of corporations both in the U.S. and abroad. He has seen a great deal of success and plans on ushering a variety of new and exciting services with all of his companies.

Bonar got his first start at Bezier Inc. He went on to work at a slew of other companies including IBM Global, Trucept Corporation, Smart Tek Automative Services, AMS Outsourcing, The Solvis Group, Greenland Corp. and American Marine LLC. After his stint at Bezier, Bonar continued to grow relations with companies like IBM (He still has it today after 17 years). It was also in his early years that he started working for Dalrada Financial. He came back many years later to head the company. Brian Bonar was written about byModern Luxury here.

Dalrada has a crack team of professionals headed by Bonar. The company provides many products and services for companies in the U.S. and abroad. Many in the industry trust Bonar’s leadership capabilities and his ethics. When not working for the betterment of other companies, Bonar stays busy lecturing and consulting companies on all things financial. In a recent interview, Bonar credits his massive success to putting the customer first. “Many companies are more concerned about their bottom line,” says Bonar.

Bonar is now working on many products both in an around the San Diego, California area. He says for anyone thinking of entering the financial industry, there is plenty of upside. Bonar says if you work hard and stay true to your values, you can succeed.

Q-Net Thriving Under Eswaran’s Leadership

The Qi Group of companies is one of the fastest growing businesses in all of Asia. In less than 20 years, Qi Group has expanded its direct sales arm while also diversifying its operations. This has all happened under the watch of one of the original founders, Vijay Eswaran.

Eswaran was born in Malaysia, the child of a teacher and a civil servant in the Ministry of Labour. Eswaran headed to London for his university education. After gradutating, Eswaran became interested in multi-level marketing while working a series of jobs in Europe and later the United States. In 1998 he decided to go into business for himself and co-founded the Qi Group of companies. He currently serves as CEO of Q-Net, the flagship subsidiary of the Qi Group.

Eswaran was the driving force behind Q-Net’s model of combining direct sales with e-commerce technology. He also was able to amass an impressive variety of products for his sales force. Q-Net’s representatives sell several products typical for multi level marketing such as phone cards and personal care products. Yet Q-Net also has established a robust business in selling commemorative gold coins on the secondary market, a product that is rarely seen in the direct sales model.

Eswaran has also overseen the diversification of Qi Group’s businesses to include education, finance, hospitality and retail. Eswaran has also dedicated himself to social responsibility. He has established a schools in Kuala Lumpur for children with disabilities, a group that is often overlooked and neglected in Malaysia.

For Eswaran, the financial success of his business is linked to his commitment to spirituality. He starts each day with a full hour of silence to incorporate the principle of Mouna (silence) into his daily routine. This develops inner awareness and sharpens perceptions that Eswaran can take with him into the business world for the rest of the day. Vijay Eswaran’s Twitter is linked here.

His stewardship of Q-Net has led to recognition both from inside and outside of the business. Q-Net’s independent sales force, now numbering over 8000, ranks as one of the most satisfied groups of independent direct sales representatives. From the outside, Eswaran was recognized as “CEO of the Year” in 2013 by the Malaysian Business Association.

The Qi Group and Q-Net continue to expand both their revenues and their social footprint. Under Eswaran’s leadership, the companies are becoming a dominant direct sales force in Asia.

Financial Expert and Economist Christian Broda

An economist is a specialist who speculates and research on economic factors of a given country or a company. After conducting research, an economist is expected to release a report which will be implemented by the relevant policymakers. Christian Broda be assigned different responsibilities based on his specialty as well as the employer. The first step made by an economist when working is to collect data and survey some economic issues in a country. He may go further and use historical data to enable him give perfect results.

All countries across the world rely on economists to
forecast their state of economy. They analyze past, present and future economic factors to enable them give comprehensive reports. They can predict price of products and services in respect to demand and supply at the market. In fact, they play critical role of advising any government and its citizens on future price expectations. As a result, the government will be able to strategies and implement various policies to ensure there is stability in the market.

Financial institutions will hire economists to analyze market trends in regard to their products and services. Economists will study the effects of financial services offered by these companies on the general economy of a country. They will advice financial firms on the possible effects of interest rates on their lending services. They will also analyze the target markets and advice the institutions appropriately.

Business entities rely on the work of economists to increase their earnings. They will analyze different commodities available on the market and forecast their prices depending on their demand and supply. Businessmen will hire economists to forecast what new inventions can be added to their commodities depending on the needs of consumers. Also, not-for-profit organizations employ economists to conduct research on their programs to be sure they are focusing on the right projects.

Christian Broda is an economist and fund manager based in NY. He has been advising investors the importance of starting hedge funds since they are a great way of seeking financial independence. According to him, it requires a lot of commitment and dedication on the part an investor for it to succeed. Mr. Broda has used his experience to forecast and advice on several global economic factors that are witnessed even today. A few years ago he predicted that the U.S. dollar will strengthen despite pressure from emerging markets.

Economists work with government, public and private corporations and help them learn different economic factors affecting their operations. They advice businessmen on the best way to follow in order maximize their profits. Their expertise is very critical in any given economy and should be consulted in order to achieve success.

Adam Sender Inspires Art Collectors With His Practical Business Expertise

The future of great work collecting depends on highly
skilled professionals like Adam Sender to share his experiences with
inexperienced art treasure hunters. Known for directing his prominent
company, Exis Capital Management Incorporation, this strategic
entrepreneur hopes to inspire art enthusiasts with his well-proven
business principles. Essentially, by utilizing his former training in
hedge fund operational efficiency, he transferred his skills relating
to choosing prospective equities to selecting unique great works to
add to his extensive painting collection. In fact, with his effective
collecting strategies, he has amassed over 1,000 distinguished pieces
totaling to approximately $100 million in value. Remarkably, his
former management experiences in conjunction with his art passion have
greatly influenced his success as a prominent great works collector.

In the late 1980s, Adam Sender pursued History at the University of
Michigan in Ann Arbor. Shortly after he received his Bachelor of Art
degree, he accepted a position at Steven A. Cohen’s SAC Capital
Advisors LP. His experience at this renowned firm ultimately
encouraged him to launch Exis Capital Management which is a major
corporation dedicated to sponsoring hedge funds around the globe.
Based in New York City, Sender and his team of executives amassed less
than $1 billion in assets under management during their sixteen year
operation term. Today, Exis Capital Management is recognized as one of
the leading employee owned hedge fund investors.

Sender’s cultivated ability to select equity for hedge funds
enabled him to use the same discerning eye to acquire unique art
pieces at extremely reasonable prices. Alongside his professional
endeavors, he gradually accumulated renowned pieces from many
prominent artists like Cindy Sherman, Frank Benson, Jim Lambie, Keith
Haring, and Mathew Barney. Notably, during the early 1990s, he was one
of the first serious art collectors among the new generation of hedge
fund entrepreneurs.

In 2014, Sender announced his decision to sell most of his
contemporary art through auction blocks, events, and exhibitions. Todd
Leven, who is Sender’s curator, helped assemble most of his collection
from 1998 to 2008. Fortunately, the prices for many of the great works
in his portfolio rose along with the art market throughout the late
2000s. Remarkably, he expected to generate more than $70 million in
profits from his extensive collection of paintings. Moreover, his
unique portfolio includes about 400 pieces from approximately 139
prominent artists. He also has an IMDB profile.

Once the purchase was completed, Sender shared his strategic business
skills with the public. Essentially, throughout the 1990s, he sought
to acquire pieces from artists who were on the verge of stardom.
During this period, the distinguished paintings were usually
inexpensive and less admired. Despite their unpopularity, Sender knew
the great works would increase in value in the future.

New York City Real Estate Has Your New Home Waiting For You

If you’ve ever seen an aerial view of New York City, then it’s one of the most spectacular sights you’ll ever see. All the buildings clustered next to each other, along with the city streets packed in between them is really a sight to see. Another great site to see from an aerial view is Central Park as well as the other landmarks that New York City has to offer. Just one look at an aerial view of New York City and you’ll understand why so many people flock to live in this beautiful city. The USA has tons of cities, but none of them are quite like NYC properties.

Not only is New York City a beautiful place, but it has so many historical locations that it’s hard to list them all. Another thing that New York City has is a lot of opportunities, and many people have found their place in New York City, especially when it comes to starting a great business. Some of the richest people in the USA have homes in New York City, or they live in New York City full-time. Since New York City is obviously a great place to live, then why don’t you look for your home in the big city as well? Maybe you’re already looking for your own home in New York City, but you’re not having any luck finding what you want.

It can be a lot of work to look for a home in New York City, but it doesn’t mean that you have to come up fruitless. If you work with the right real estate company, you’ll be surprised at what kind of homes are available in New York City, especially homes that are right in the heart of everything going on in the city. You can find homes that have been around for a while, or maybe you’ll find a home that was newly constructed. No matter what home you’re looking for, let Town Real Estate help you find it.

Town Real Estate has been known for helping a lot of people find a home in New York City, no matter if it’s a penthouse, a high-rise, a low-rise, an apartment, or any other type of dwelling. Town Real Estate works with different companies that have homes for lease or purchase, and they can help you get into a great place. Don’t take up too much of your time looking online or in other places for a new home because there’s no guarantee you’ll find the one you’re looking for. If you know you’re looking for a luxurious place to live, then why not start working with Town Real Estate to find your new home?