OrganoGold’s Growth with Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines and only recently moved to the United States. For decades he has worked in multilevel marketing and finding ways for other people to join his work force. His first company Gano Excel was so profitable under his watchful eye that it was able to expand to Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States. His second company, which he is still currently the CEO of, OrganoGold has also seen amazing growth. The company has thousands of employees and millions in revue, both of whish are increasing every year as more and more people learn about the company.

Millions of people flock to OrganoGold because the company’s products have wonderful benefits and delightful flavors. There are not too many other businesses that a solely based around nutraceuticals, gourmet beverages, and personal care products all made with Ganoderma Lucidum, a type of fungus. This mushroom has been used for generations by the Chinese in ancient herbal remedies to cure a variety of ailments. OrganoGold builds upon these practices taking what is normally a musty tasting fungus and turning it into easy swallow capsules or delicious coffee. The company feels as if it is there duty so share the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum to the world.

OrganoGold’s company mission is to make their products accessible to everyone and anyone who would like to try them. They believe that just one sample is enough to hook someone for life. Achieving higher levels of self improvement, prosperity, wellness, and balance are all goals the company has for the world. In the past five years OrganoGold has not only aided people with the creation of their products but they also donate a large portion of their revenue to other foundations focused on human wellness. The company is also sponsors the OG Cares Foundation which works with teenagers to help create new leaders for the next generation.

A lot of the OrganoGold leaders, including Bernardo Chua, like to point out that Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” has inspired all of them. Whenever they are facing a tough decision within the company they take a lesson from the text and come to a conclusion together. So far this method has not led them or the company astray and OrganoGold is still seeing recorded breaking profits. In early 2016 the company is looking to make a few more expansions within the United States while also forming their first office in South America.

Service to Humankind is Important to Joseph Bismark


There is much to be known about Joseph Bismark, much that I feel that I have yet to learn about the man. When I am researching Joseph Bismark, I am looking into a man who is a leader in a variety of ways, and who is worthy of respect. When I was reading about Joseph Bismark on the WordPress blog Please Don’t Ask Alice, I found that this man isn’t just great in the business world, but he is great in all that he does and in the ways in which he looks out for the rest of the world.

Joseph Bismark is someone who believes that it is important to look out for humankind. This man cares about those around him, and he does what he can to look out for those in need. This man is more than just a business leader, he is someone who is there to help when others are in need. Joseph Bismark believes in the importance of helping out one’s fellow human, and I think that he is an individual who is worthy of respect for the care that he shows to his fellow humans. I believe that Joseph Bismark is right when he emphasizes the need for service to humankind, and I believe that he is right when he looks out for others.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Erstwhile known as the Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC), Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) was established in the year 2007. This corporation is responsible for driving the primary economic development of Newark in New Jersey. Twitter users said it has specialized in attracting, growing and holding new businesses as well as enhancing small business enterprise capacity and goading real estate development in the twenty various neighborhoods in the city. Newark CEDC is the only business development company whose a client to the city of Newark. They have partnered with the Newark Department of Economics and Housing Development in originating and running some economic development activities that have spurred economic growth in the city and have generated new jobs that have created wealth for Newark’s citizens. The company has put a lot of focus and emphasis on industrialization. It is cognizant of the fact that the growth of the city of Newark is dependent on having a diverse economy. The need to have legion industries in the city is essential to the prosperity and overall animation of the city. In this case, Newark CEDC has targeted some key industries in the economy that are deemed essential in creating jobs and wealth such as manufacturing, information technology, higher education and research, health and health services among others.

The company was able to bring on board Kevin Seawright, who was the Executive Director of Operations in Maryland as the CFO to help drive Newark’s economic agenda forward. Mr. Seawright has thirteen years’ experience in financial and administrative operations. He is well known for using his expertise in bettering the lives of people in different communities on the East Coast. He boasts of having an unequalled skill in team inclusion, business insightfulness, and outcome efficiency among others. By positioning technological maidens together with current economic and organizational goals, Kevin Seawright has been able to reshape the existing business strategies and hence establishing finance and account divisions that systematically deliver excellent results. His perception of business has also helped transubstantiate the revenue planning corporate process that has worked in favor of general contractors and sub-contractors all over the mid-Atlantic region.

Kevin’s thirteen-year experience in business has seen him work in different departments such as human resource, finance, and capital operations management. His vast experience has also seen him become responsible for over $400 million in state, federal, city, capital, private and bond funds. To add up, he has also been in charge of more than $600 million in capital that was used in the construction of educational facilities as well as in other projects. He has accrued a reputation for being an efficient business leader with an inherent ability to establish real resonance with cross functional leaders, staff, leaders, clients, and constituents. This has been a critical and fundamental aspect that has guided him to success throughout his career.

Improving the Profitability of Your Business



As an entrepreneur, it is vital to always work on the profitability of a business. There are usually many ways in which a business owner can improve the processes or products that he or she owns. One of the biggest ways in which a business can improve its profits is through improved employee productivity. There are many businesses that have workers that are not being productive to the business overall. Improving how these people work is a great first step in making your business more productive. Another way in which a business can improve its profits is to raise its prices. Although this is not something many businesses think of right off the bat, there is usually some room to raise prices on some products without hurting the customer demand. Depending on how sensitive your products are to increases in price, this may be a great opportunity increase overall profits. Finally, a business owner should always be learning about different ways in which he can improve the business. One of the most well known business owners and entrepreneurs in the state of Texas is Marc Sparks. He believes that one of the biggest reasons for his success is the fact that he has continued to learn no matter what stage of his career he is in. Here are some tips on improving profits in a business.

Start with the Customer

For any business, the customer needs to be the focus of the product or service that is being offered. If a business offers a product or service that does not appeal to the customer in the long run they will not survive. Understand different problems that the core customer faces in the market place and use this to figure out how to solve the problems of the customer. Many times, the best ideas are ones that are simple, inexpensive and solve the problems of a large group of customers. Over time, a business that takes care of its customer base in every way will be more profitable than one that cuts corners in order to make a quick dollar.

Marc Sparks

There are many people in business that entrepreneurs can learn from. One of the most successful business owners in the state of Texas is Marc Sparks. Marc Sparks has started and successfully built up a variety of different businesses in many different industries. Anyone that is interested in owning their own business one day should look at how he runs his business from the perspective that it helps the customer in all possible ways. Overall, as a business owner you should be constantly looking for ways to improve your business model to earn higher profits and serve more people.

Get The Services You Need When You Need Them

Handy is a company that does something that many other companies cannot do. They offer a person reliable and dependable services when it comes to home maintenance and cleaning.

The creators of where individuals that worked in the purchasing and the selling of homes. Oisin Hanrahan was a college student in Ireland and he wanted to get involved in real estate in Eastern Europe. Through his endeavors he began to purchase different properties, and he was trying to renovate different apartments throughout Europe. One thing that he found to be very difficult in his renovations was to be able to find qualified and reliable handyman to come out and do services at his home. Later he moved to the United States to attend Harvard University and found the same issue to be true in the United States. He later partnered with one of his classmates named Umang Dua and they developed a company called Handy.

Handy was developed with the idea that individuals and homeowners need trusted companies and individuals that can come out and do repairs, offer services, and clean for their homes. It is difficult to find a company that you really can trust when it comes to all of those different services, so this website offers individuals the opportunity to get everything rolled into one company. is a place where an individual can go and they can look for a trusted professional, next day availability, and the great thing about the website is that it offers a one hundred percent moneyback guarantee. A person can book or schedule an individual to come out and professionally do a handy job, or clean within just 60 seconds. The services can be offered as early as the very next day.

The makers of are true innovators. They were able to take a common problem and create a brilliant business behind them. Now by using an individual can get the services that they need for their home. They no longer have to look through Google web searches or through white Pages to find a trusted business, now it is just through the click of a button that they can have a professional handyman or cleaner at their disposal.

Just What is an Economist Anyway

Just what exactly is an economist anyway? If you were to discuss the economic infrastructure of the United States of America for the value of the American dollar some might say that you are an economist. An economist is an individual that studies the social science of economics. They do this on a professional level obtaining many different degrees that better extend their knowledge of economics. There are many different fields that are included in this title. Some of them are macroeconomic analysis, mathematical finance and economic computational models. These are all variations of specific markets well in general any economist follows philosophical theories based on current economic trends.

Christian Broda a Prime Example of an Economist
Christian Broda is a fine example of what you would expect to find if you looked up the definition of an economist. Christian is a member of the American Economic Association and has a bachelor’s in economics and his master’s from MIT, as well as a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2005 to 2008 he was with the National Science Foundation Andy James S Kemper Foundation Scholar 2006 to 2008 both of these projects let him down a path of great success. One where he became the head of international research from Lehman Brothers in 2008. He then took the position as the Chief International Economist of the Barclays Investment Bank before becoming a University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor in 2005. Currently, he is the Managing Director Duquesne Capital Management. He is happily married and has two sons.

Theories Abundant on the Predicted Fall of the United States Dollar
There are many different theories on the prediction of the US dollar losing its momentum and creating another period of financial turmoil not just for the United States but for the global economy this time. According to many financial analyst and economist US Federal Reserve has a list of debt that is spiraling out of control. This will essentially make the United States dollar barely worth the paper it is printed on.

Eacatex Places Emphisis on Environmental Actions

Taking Care of Our Planet
It should be duly noted that Eucatex is a company that has great plans for our planet. These are future plans that include taking grand environmental actions. This is a company that most definitely practices what they preach. A strong responsibility to our planet can be fully counted on by Eucatex. This is a company that takes great pride in their actions toward a cleaner and greener planet. These plans for our planet are taken very seriously by this business.

Who is Eucatex?
Eucatex is a Brazilian company. It takes the lead in environment acoustic comfort. This is the very first company in Brazil that used eucalyptus as raw material. This was used in order to produce ceiling tiles as well as panels. This is an environmentally conscious company that was established in November, 1951. This company experienced much growth between the years 1956 to 1965. The very first representative offices were installed in this period. suggested this is an established and experienced company that has been exporting panels and ceiling tiles to Europe since

A Company that Evolved at a Rapid Pace
This is a company that has evolved at a quick and rapid pace. The operations that were put into place in the year 1954, had a clear focus. It was on marketing and production of linings and insulating eucalyptus wood fibers. This current time the enterprise does meet the specific needs of many of the following. These include:
*furniture manufacturers
*industrial construction
*cars and toys
*the external market
*doors and plates

The President of Eucatex
Flavio Maluf is one unique entrepreneur. He is also the president of Eucatex. He is a mechanical engineer who graduated from FAAP, Brazilian. He does have an extraordinary background. This is a well versed individual who is deserving of his title as president of this trustworthy and environmentally safe company. His own father is Paulo Maluf. He is a well-known politician.

Bravo for Eucatex
This is a company that has earned a large “bravo” for thinking so highly of our planet. This is a good example for every other business. This company takes the lead in protecting the environment in many ways. Bravo!

What Is Wi-fi and Does It Work

As the access to data grows more important, wi-fi networks are popping up in more and more places. The convenience of sitting in a coffee shop while reading your email, or doing research on the internet for you vacation was unheard of not so long ago. Now those scenarios are commonplace and even expected by the majority of the population.

Wi-fi is short for wireless fidelity and is known more technically 802.11 networking. A wi-fi hotspot is another name for a usually publicly available access point found in coffee shops, airports, and other public places. Wi-fi networks are easy and inexpensive to set-up which adds to their attractiveness. The routers themselves require little to no maintenance and if they do stop working, replacing them is as simple swapping the old unit for a new one.

A wi-fi is essentially a router with a radio chip and antenna. The device allows computers, smartphones and tablet devices to access the web by converting the data and sending it over a radio frequency that can be received by the router or the device. Most wi-fi routers can receive and send signals with excellent quality over a distance of about 200 feet. If there are walls, heavy furniture or other stacks of electronic equipment the range may be less.

The data speeds can be as high as 150Mbps, but that is highly variable depending on the number of devices connected and interference from other electronics. Also, newer wi-fi routers user higher frequencies than older models which affect speed. For example, the first generation of routers (called 802.11a) used the 5gigahertz frequency band and could transmit data at only around 54 megabits of data per second. The newest routers (802.11n) still use the same frequency, but achieve speeds of 150 megabits of data per second. A megabit is roughly one-eighth of a megabyte. So to download a 1MB file in a second, you would need an 8Mbps connection.

Many cellular phone companies allow for wi-fi access for their customers using a smartphone. One of the new companies is FreedomPop, an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). As an MVNO, FreedomPop does not own any of the cell towers, switching equipment or other infrastructure required to run a cellular network. Instead, FreedomPop purchases at wholesale capacity from a traditional carrier and then resells that to their customers. Reselling is a misnomer in the case of FreedomPop since their plan offers 200 minutes of talk time, and 500MB of data completely free to their subscribers.

FreedomPop sells additional services like international calling plans, handset insurance and unlimited voice and data plans. The fees for these services range from $3 to $10 per month. The company recently announced that they would begin offering unlimited wi-fi access to over 10,000,000 hotspots across the country for $5 per month.

To maintain their margins, which are razor thin, FreedomPop keeps its overhead low and has close to zero customer acquisition cost since it relies solely on word of mouth advertising. The company is expecting to sign its one-millionth customer in the next few months.

Madison Street Capital: Great Investment

There are a variety of investing opportunities where the average person can put their money. However, for many people they are simply not comfortable with how investing works and different investing concepts that are hard to grasp. This is one of the primary reasons that investing banks offer up so much value to clients. There are many great investing banks, like Madison Street Capital, that offer their clients a superior return on investment. However, there are other factors that can influence how well a client feel about their investments when they are being managed by someone else. Smart investment banks will take some clues from Madison Street Capital and learn how to manage clients’ funds in a smart way that leads to high reviews. Here are several things that investment banks need to keep in mind when they invest money for clients, much like Madison Street Capital has done over the years.

Access to Information

One of the most important things for many clients who invest with an investment bank is access to information about their finances. This is important on several levels. First of all, many people simply like to log in and check out how well their finances are doing. This also adds in an extra layer of perceived security for clients. At Madison Street Capital, clients are able to log in at any time and find out how well their investments are performing against other funds. This allows clients of Madison Street Capital, written about by, to understand how well their investments are performing over time. Finally, this can help educate clients with how to manage their finances over time.

Personal Support

Another important factor for many clients in today’s world is personal support. Although face to face consulting has gone by the wayside, there are still many people that value the opinion of someone that is an expert in the field of personal finance. At the end of the day, an investment bank should strive to outperform both the market and the expectations of the client. At Madison Street Capital, they not only do these things but others as well. Good investment banks that want to grow their revenue and client base should do these things as well like Madison Street Capital does.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the field of investment banks and managing finances has changed greatly over the past couple of years. However, there are still some things that every bank should do in order to please their clients. Madison Street Capital, written about in this article, has had great success in this field because they offer a superior return on investment and offer great access to information for their clients at any time of day.

Uber Announces Large Investment in Hyderabad Headquarters

Uber is working had to increase its operations in India and has announced the start of its aggressive growth plan with a $50 million investment in operations in Hyderabad. The investment will take place over the course of the next five years with plans to create an international office that will support hundreds of employees. The company signed an agreement with the Indian local government officials of Telangana to build the massive state of the art headquarters. India is the largest international geographical market for Uber with seven cities included under its scope.

Uber stated that this is a large milestone and that it proves that Uber independent people like James Dondero and governments can work together to create more modern cities. Uber also plans to partner further with the Telangana government to create more opportunities for people from the poorer sections of the city as well as local women. As part of their partnership Uber is going to work alongside the local Academy for Skills and Knowledge to find 2,000 candidates that will be able to drive for Uber.

The company has been slowly moving along with its growth plans for India appointment Amit Jain from as the head of its Indian operations this past May. It also decided that in Hyderabad drivers would accept cash which is a first for the company.