America Lacks the Funding Needed to Build and Protect Our Infrastructure

The state of America’s infrastructure is deeply distressed. Studies by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association show that over 63 thousand bridges across the nation are structurally deficient. These bleak results were derived from a study done on records from 2014 that were provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Unless congress acts quickly, federal highway and transit funding will end on May 31. ARTBA’s chief economist, Alison Black, says, “Without additional investment from all levels of government, our infrastructure spending will be a zero-sum game.”

Each year, state governments provide nearly 52 percent of highway and bridge revenue. Anastasia Date employees ( have learned that these monies come from the federal gas tax, which is currently at 18.4 cents per gallon. But, with the increased price tag of bridge and road repairs, and the fact that a gas tax hike hasn’t been seen since 1993, Congress has been called on to rescue the Highway Trust Fund each year since 2008, having contributed close to $65 billion in revenue to the fund. Despite the support from congress, the U.S. is still behind on needed bridge work by $115 billion, and highway projects across the country have fallen short by $755 billion in work still needing to be done.

In an effort to provide some relief, Congress holds a bill sent by the Obama administration requesting $478 billion be allotted to transportation to help fund the next six years. This aid is imperative, as most every state in the country is affected by a lack of funding for infrastructure work. Some well-known and heavily traveled bridges such as New York’s Brooklyn Bridge have been listed as structurally deficient, not necessarily posing a danger, but in need of work.

President Obama Invests Millions to STEM Programs

President Barack Obama today announced new investments to encourage minority students to pursue STEM programs areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) during the fifth edition of the Science Fair White House.

“Science is for everyone,” Obama said in a speech at the White House after visiting twelve of the projects submitted to the fair this year.

For the first time, Sultan Alhokair says that this year there were more girls and young women than their male peers at the show, but minority students – Hispanic and African Americans – are still underrepresented in STEM areas, said.Obama.

“We will not only increase the number of students in STEM, we want to increase the diversity of students,” said the president, as he announced nearly $ 240 million in new private sector investments toward that goal. “No young person in America should miss the opportunity to excel in these areas.”

The president announced that as of 2011, 98% of Americans have access to high speed broadband internet.

To further the progress in this regard, Obama signed a presidential memorandum to create a new oversight board to increase broadband Internet, especially in rural areas.

In this fifth edition of the White House Science Fair, attended by over 100 students, from 30 states, 35 teams had the opportunity to present their projects.

Obama mentioned some of them in his speech, like Sophia Sanchez-Maes, a 16-year-old from Las Cruces (New Mexico), who has discovered how to convert one type of algae in biofuel.

Also Harry Paul, who was born with scoliosis, and endured more than a dozen operations. He designed an implant for the spine that expands with time and lengthens the period patients with this problem can wait before returning to undergo additional surgery.

“We have to celebrate the winners of our science fairs as much as the football, basketball and other athletic competitions because young scientists, mathematicians and engineers are critical to our future,” Obama added.

Abercrombie and Fitch Discrimination Lawsuit

Their employees often stand in as models, and their shops designed with a dark edge yet almost always full,Abercrombie and Fitch (A & F) is one of the most popular clothing shops among young people in the US and elsewhere brands.

But recently, their stores have been under increased media attention, as the Supreme Court is in the process of deciding whether they discriminated against a Muslim teenager.

The teenager, Samantha Elauf, looking for work in the store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2008, says she was rejected because her headscarf or hijab was against the dress code of the company.

The case pits religious groups with commercial entities and has the potential to set a precedent on labor rights in the country.

The policy of A & F indicates that employees should have a slim figure, wearing tight clothing and can not wear black garments. Women also should wear long hair, your makeup should be natural and may not have nail polish.

A & F disputes Elauf’s accusation and while recognizing that they must allow hijabs to be worn, they argues that the teen did not specifically asked to be relieved of the dress code for her religion.

The latter is precisely what we seek to define. The Supreme Court must answer, in the coming months: if a potential employee must explicitly ask to be excused from certain rules for their religion.

Christian Broda ( knows that, under US law, employers must “reasonably accommodate” the religious beliefs of their candidates, provided they do not generate exaggerated difficulties for business.

In a statement to the BBC, a spokesman for A & F said that in the past has made numerous “religious accommodation,” including on Islamic veils, and denied that the case before the Supreme Court was one of discrimination.

Laurene Powell Jobs Speaks on Social Innovation

Stanford had a special guest speaker this week; Laurene Powell Jobs. Powell Jobs is the widow of the late Steve Jobs, who was the co-founder of tech leader, Apple, Inc.

An article originally appearing on reported that Laurene Powell Jobs was interviewed at Stanford’s engineering school by a professor of entrepreneurship, Thomas Byers. In a fairly rare public speaking appearance, Powell Jobs spent most of the time going over her career accomplishments and her work as a social entrepreneur and philanthropist, beginning with the founding of College Track in the mid-90’s. College Track helps low-income teenagers get ready for college.

When Powell Jobs was asked if she thought that up and coming entrepreneurs might hesitate to initiate projects with high social awareness because the income is almost guaranteed to be less than that of their more commercially minded peers, Powell Jobs responded that “low pay can be demoralizing”, but suggested that one way of changing that, would be for venture capital firms and major corporations to contribute a small amount of their investment profits into a fund that could benefit social entrepreneurs.

When asked if she had been met with any barriers in her own career, Powell Jobs said that she had heard things she didn’t like on the trading floor during her time at Goldman Sachs. She finished by saying that she grew up with three brothers and was used to being surrounded by men; recounting that the trading floor wasn’t much different than being at the kitchen table.

Powell Jobs is the founder and chairwoman of Emerson Collective, an organization in Palo Alto, California, which promotes entrepreneurship and policies on social justice, environmental conservation, immigration rights and education.

Skout Helped Me To Find A Lot Of New Friends

Many people choose to find friends in person, but I’ve found that I can find just as many good friends on the internet. Unfortunately, many of my friends have become back stabbers, and I decided to shed all the friends that I’ve known, since I was in school. I wanted to add new friends around me, but of course, I am very reluctant to trust anyone now. I know what they say about meeting people online, but I decided to join Skout, and use it as a way to find some new friends. I’ll never regret the day that I chose to use Skout.

I came across Skout, because I heard two people talking about it over lunch, while I was at work. Both of them said that they had met someone on the network, and they were looking forward to meeting the person in real life. I decided that it would be worth a try, to use the network on my own. I went straight home, and I looked at the website. I found some pertinent information about the website, such as the amount of countries that Skout is available in, as well as the many languages that it’s available in.

Currently, Skout is in over 180 countries, and there are 14 different languages available on the network. I decided to use my English skills, which is the only language I know, and to try to meet some new people. I like the “shake to chat” feature, which is very popular with many people. I did visit the website, but I quickly decided to start using the application on my phone. Every time I use the shake to chat feature, I’m able to find someone brand-new on my phone, and we may talk for hours. The people that I like, I’ve added to my favorites list.

I’ve decided to contact the people that I like in person, and some of them contacted me first. I’ve literally forged new friendships that are solid, just by using Skout. I currently have at least five very good friends, who I met on Skout, and a few other friends, but I’m still feeling them out. I never would’ve thought that I could replace all the old friends that I used to have, with new friends, who share my same interests, and they are genuine. I’m glad that I used Skout, in order to find new friendships.

Rodney James Rohrich MD, FACS: Brilliant Scholar, Researcher, Educator, and Plastic Surgeon

Dr Rod Rohrich MD, FACS is a brilliant scholar, researcher, educator, and board-certified plastic surgeon. Over the past two decades he’s made numerous invaluable contributions to the fields of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aging, and facial esthetics through his research, writing, talks, and teaching. Currently, Dr Rod Rohrich is a professor and plastic surgery department head at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Rohrich also holds several chairs for plastic surgery. But what really sets Dr. Rohrich apart is his ability to combine rigorous study and in-depth research with innovative thinking to create effective new ideas and methods.

Dr Rod Rohrich also shares a lot of information with other plastic surgeons and people interested in the fields of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery through his work as editor in chief of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ official medical journal. Dr Rod Rohrich has penned and publish several land mark papers, 30 textbook chapters, edited 4 textbooks, done more than 900 scientific presentations, and has been chairman for in excess of 100 symposia nationally and internationally.

In these presentations he shares the latest research and breakthroughs in medical education, patient safety initiatives, liposuction, body contouring, and rhinoplasty. Dr Rod Rohrich also provides information on injectable fillers, nasal anatomy, facial fracture repair, and breast surgery to increase the skills of students and professionals and improve patient outcomes. His contributions have been significant and meaningful, and have led to many advances in the field. They have resulted in Dr Rod Rohrich becoming internationally recognized and praised for his work.

Dr Rod Rohrich has put in years of hard work to prepare himself for the roles he now plays. Born in Dallas, Texas, Rohrich grew up on a farm in rural North Dakota. He earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in college in North Dakota and graduated with the highest honors. Rohrich then got his medical degree from Baylor. But his training was not yet complete.

After residencies at the medical center of the University of Michigan in general and plastic surgery, he did advanced pediatric plastic surgery training at Oxford. Dr Rod Rohrich then completed a fellowship in hand and microvascular work. Once he completed his training, simply need a place where he could help people and share his knowledge. He took a position plastic surgery with Dallas, Texas based UT Southwestern Medical Center. Five years later he became department chairman.

Dr Rod Rohrich is continues to contribute to the field in numerous ways.

As per John Kerry, Netanyahu Quoted Him Out of Context

During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s raucous speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, he quoted his good friend and current Secretary of State John Kerry. Netanyahu used Kerry’s words to bolster his claim that Iran may have 190,000 uranium enriching centrifuges by the end of the 10-year accord. The point the chancellor was making is that Iran would possess a vast infrastructure with which to produce nuclear weapons. In fact, the Israeli premier added that the Obama deal with Iran would in fact promote them to nuclear power status.

On Wednesday, the State Department pointed out that Kerry’s words were taken out of context. They claim the speech being referred to have Kerry acknowledging that a peaceful non-military use of nuclear power could have the nation equipped with as many as 190,000 centrifuges by the end of the accord. In some respects, it seems like a distinction without a difference. This is because Iran could easily use the same centrifuges to produce weapons grade uranium and plutonium. All they would need to do is switch the use of the centrifuges from civilian to military purposes. Point in fact, this is exactly what Netanyahu was claiming: the Obama deal ensures that Iran will become a nuclear power.

Still, Marcio Alaor BMG knows that the latest statement by the State Department is part of the Obama administration’s attempt to blunt the effect of Netanyahu’s speech. While it has only been a day since the speech was given, it appears that the Israeli prime minister succeeded at getting his message out.

Burger King Owner Hands Out $120K in Bonuses

The employees of a Burger King franchise chain received a large and pleasant surprise a week ago when the Franchise owner, Tom Barnett, handed out bonuses. The reason: winning the “Franchisee of the Year” award from BK’s corporate offices.

Barnett’s company, a management firm, controls 24 different Burger King locations in the state of Arizona and supposedly won the award due to exceptional customer service and inspections by the corporate branches.

In addition to verbal recognition, Barnett (the CEO) was handed a brand new Corvette and a Rolex timepiece. Originally, the employees joked about driving the Corvette for him, but when they received a better gift, they were shocked.

It turns out that Tom Barnett sold of his prizes and used the money to help more than 100 workers of his restaurants in amounts varying from $150 to $4,000. Haidar Barbouti ( read that the bonuses have had a large impact on many of the employees who were crucial to the success of the franchise.

Fernando Enriquez, a general manager, let a local news station know that he had received enough cash to help his mother with a surgery bill, pay a car off, and deal with school fees for his kids.

Another employee, 15-year old Charity Callahan, got almost a month’s worth of wages from the bonus she received. She was apparently in “disbelief” and “shock.”

The story is a welcome change of events in a fragile economy.

Jason Halpern: Developing Mind Behind Inovative Luxury Properties

JMH Development firm is a New York based real estate company. They focus on creating upscale luxury properties with an innovative approach. Their desire to create new uses for historical buildings sets them apart from other real estate companies and makes them a pioneer in historical preservation. JMH currently has buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern, inspired by watching his father develop commercial office buildings as a young boy, founded JMH Development in 2000. He is currently the managing partner of the business and a brilliant developer. Born in Westchester, a suburb outside of New York City, Jason always loved accompanying his father and grandfather to various construction sites. This was how he learned all about the real estate business. Now 45, he is a father himself to a 13 year old boy named Max.

Jason’s favorite property is one he bought in 2007 in Williamsburg—an area of Brooklyn that was fairly vacant at the time. He knew when he purchased the loft warehouse built in 1914 by Cass Gilbert that the area would soon start booming. The property sat on the waterfront with an already solid structure, and simply needed some modern renovation to turn it into a large scale luxury rental. What is today known as 184 Kent became the recipient of the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award.

The Townhouses of Cobble Hill is JMH’s second Brooklyn property. The company transformed four historic townhomes into modern luxury townhomes and added five more to the basic structure. The properties listed for between $3.65 and $4.2 million.

Helpern has established a JMH presence in Miami when one of his family members moved there and became involved in a real estate project. This project eventually turned into the South Beach Starwood Hotel which will be complete in the spring of 2015. JMH renovated the historic Ankara hotel to make larger more luxurious rooms for its future guests. The property sits in the heart of Miami’s South Beach, an amazing location.

Digital’s press release announced that JMH will be working with designer Juul-Hansen on their Third and Collins Miami Beach project in South Florida. Sales will launch for these luxury condos by early March. The five story residence will be completely unique to the area and will be designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen. JMH also bought its third South Florida site at Indian Creek. The area will be developed into boutique condominiums beginning sometime in April.


Christopher Cowdray: Realizing a Dream

In life there are those who dream with their eyes shut, and there are others who dare to embrace the challenges and battles of life and their dreams openly; in the waking hours of light. Christopher Cowdray, is one of those daring individuals, who built upon a goal to become a successful and world renowned individual in his chosen field.

Born in Zimbabwe, Cowdray began his career by earning his degree in Hotel Management in his home nation. After the completion of his original degree, he traveled to New York City, where he furthered his education at Columbia University. Through the early years in Christopher’s budding career, his work in hotel services brought him through a variety of nations and companies. Each one Cowdray attacked with excitement and vigor, determined to bring the concept of teamwork and excellence to each hotel he stepped into.

Through over 30 years in the hospitality industry, this inspiring man held positions from General Manager to Managing Director. In 2004 he was brought on board as the new General Manager for Dorchester luxury hotels, whom operates primarily throughout Europe. After showing off his prowess in the business; Cowdray was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer of Dorchester in 2007.

Since his promotion Cowdray’s star continues to rise in the hotelier business. Selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards, his dedication to excellence is continually recognized. Cowdray, with his integral belief that each and every person involved in the company plays an integral role in the success of the business, pushes the boundaries of hotel management, creating an experience like no other.

Christopher Cowdray is a prime example of a man who has chosen to live his dreams with his eyes’ wide open. Through determination, education, experience, and ingenuity, Cowdray has taken the hotel world by storm.