Christopher Cowdray: Realizing a Dream

In life there are those who dream with their eyes shut, and there are others who dare to embrace the challenges and battles of life and their dreams openly; in the waking hours of light. Christopher Cowdray, is one of those daring individuals, who built upon a goal to become a successful and world renowned individual in his chosen field.

Born in Zimbabwe, Cowdray began his career by earning his degree in Hotel Management in his home nation. After the completion of his original degree, he traveled to New York City, where he furthered his education at Columbia University. Through the early years in Christopher’s budding career, his work in hotel services brought him through a variety of nations and companies. Each one Cowdray attacked with excitement and vigor, determined to bring the concept of teamwork and excellence to each hotel he stepped into.

Through over 30 years in the hospitality industry, this inspiring man held positions from General Manager to Managing Director. In 2004 he was brought on board as the new General Manager for Dorchester luxury hotels, whom operates primarily throughout Europe. After showing off his prowess in the business; Cowdray was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer of Dorchester in 2007.

Since his promotion Cowdray’s star continues to rise in the hotelier business. Selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards, his dedication to excellence is continually recognized. Cowdray, with his integral belief that each and every person involved in the company plays an integral role in the success of the business, pushes the boundaries of hotel management, creating an experience like no other.

Christopher Cowdray is a prime example of a man who has chosen to live his dreams with his eyes’ wide open. Through determination, education, experience, and ingenuity, Cowdray has taken the hotel world by storm.

Walmart Is Giving Minimum Wage Employees A Raise In April

The Giant Retailer Employs More U.S. Workers Than Any Other Business

Wow! Walmart may be waking up. The company recently announce they would give their lowest wage earners a raise in April. Half of its workforce (about 500,000 full and part-time workers) will earn $9 an hour.

The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. The move to $9 an hour will cost the company about $1 billion this fiscal year. Walmart also said next February 1st there will be another increase. The $9 workers will make $10 an hour when that raise goes into effect.

Marc Sparks has read that Walmart also said employees will have more control over their schedules, and more training for entry-level employees will help them advance through the ranks. Advancement in Walmart has been a touchy subject for many employees. The turn-over rate is high due to a lack of training and advancement opportunities so this news is a positive sign for those that want a career with the discount retailer.

These changes are long overdue, according to company insiders. Some employees say Walmart neglects its employees to pad the bottom line. Some outsiders say there’s a certain amount of truth in that. They say the Walmart Board and the Walton family have reaped the financial rewards of being an international giant at the expense of their employees, and this is a step that may change that perception.

Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, Philanthropist, Author and Motivational Speaker

Vijay Eswaren, executive director of QI Group, a diversified international corporation headquartered in Hong Kong, has many interests and talents beyond business leadership.
Vijay Eswaran grew up in Malaysia and traveled to England where he received a degree from the London School of Economics. During the next year, Vijay Eswaran worked in various jobs on the continent, including construction in Belgium, grape-picking in France and driving a taxi in London. In Italy Vijay Eswaran became fascinated by the Franciscan monks and their vows of silence, a theme he carried into his later books.

Vijay Eswaran came to America where he obtained his M.B.A. at Southern Illinois University in 1986. Vijay Eswaran was employed by I.B.M. and Synaptics during his stay, then returned to Asia where he set up a multi-level marketing business in the Philippines, which eventually became QI Group. The business grew and expanded into a widely diversified e-commerce conglomerate, including companies dealing with retail and direct sales, travel, telecommunications, lifestyle and luxury, collectibles, health and wellness, training, conference management, education, property development, and media. There are businesses and subsidiaries in almost 20 coountries.

Vijay Eswaran has been recognized as a philanthropist. His work has focused on women’s empowerment and youth development. He was internationally recognized by Forbes Asia in its list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011. Vijay Eswaran was also awarded a lifetime achievement in philanthropy by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran is also a best-selling author. His book, Sphere of Silence, was given positive reviews in multiple languages. It focuses on self-improvement, knowledge and goal-setting, love, and the importance of silence in life (recalling the Franciscan monks). Other books he wrote are In the Thinking Zone, 18 Stepping Stones, and On the Wings of Thought. He also writes columns in newspapers in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
Motivational speaking is another talent of Eswaren’s. He gives speeches around the world on various topics such as business and spirituality. He has spoken at leadership conferences such as the World Economic Forum and also at universities and management meetings.

Dr. Rohrich- Dedicated to the Education of Plastic Surgery


Dr Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S. is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, educator, and author most recognized for his innovative work in facial aesthetics and aging. Dr. Rohrich currently holds many titles and recognitions including serving as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Dr Rod Rohrich has also received accolades in various magazines. For example, in 2014, “D Magazine” named Dr. Rod Rohrich as one of the top doctors in Dallas, Texas. Even nationally accredited non-medical periodicals, like “Good House Keeping Magazine” have noted and praised, Dr. Rohrich’s outstanding abilities.

Now based out of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Rod Rohrich was raised on a rural ranch in North Dakota. His academic resume reveals a desire for learning. He graduated as summa cum laude from North Dakota State for undergraduate studies and the University of North Dakota for postgraduate studies. Dr. Rod Rohrich then continued his studies at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, receiving his medical degree, once again, with high honors. Dr. Rod Rohrich completed general surgery and plastic surgery residencies at The University of Michigan Medical Center, then did further training in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England. Dr. Rod Rohrich completed a hand and micro vascular fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Rod Rohrich became Chairman Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in 1991. He has made numerous contributions to the education of Plastic Surgery and it’s residential educational experience. Dr. Rod Rohrich has contributed to innovative publications in facial fracture repair, nasal anatomy, body contouring surgery and liposuction, patient safety initiatives, and breast surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich has also led many national and international symposia and delivered over 900 scientific presentations on a wide array of plastic surgery.

While Dr. Rod Rohrich has participated in many educational activates and contributed to many medical organizations, he still finds time to continue to has a passionate involvement in plastic surgery. He remains committed to his practice and his patients, making sure that he is available to his patients on a daily basis. Because of his personal interests in his patients, he remains one of the most sought after plastic surgeons for corrective surgery.

BRL Trust Continues To Grow

BRL Trust is a leading investment company out of Brazil and is always looking for new investors who want to improve upon their ability to make more money in an international market. It may seem like it is hard to move from a domestic market in the United States to an international offering, but BRL Trust has all of the available resources and services required in order to do exactly this. That is exactly why anyone who is looking to expand upon their potential outreach and current portfolio needs to look towards BRL Trust and use the services available through the company.

For starters, BRL Trust is able to offer investment opportunities to individuals who want to invest in an international marketplace. This is beyond just traditional stocks and bonds in another company but it also includes property investments and similar options that are just not there inside of the United States. As Brazil is the largest economy in South America and one of the largest in the world, the up and coming economy is something that can truly make an investor a considerable amount of money. Due to this, BRL Trust wants to help with process and offer all of its expertise in assisting with this sort of an investment.

Now, beyond just the market options the company is also able to simply manage an account. Now, different investors want different kinds of managers for their account. It really just depends on what the investor is looking for. Some want the investment firm to manage everything associated with the account and pull the string on any sort of investment, as long as it fits into the requirements and needs of the individual or company’s portfolio. For other businesses and investors, they may want more direct control over the company and what they are doing with the investments and BRL Trust simply holds onto it and monitors it. With so many different services available, it is necessary to look into what BRL Trust is able to provide someone or a company in order to improve their investment opportunities.

There are all sorts of different investment options throughout the world, expanding to an international region is one of the best options available. This way, someone can expand and diversify their portfolio. BRL Trust has all of the necessary experience and information to help anyone grow their wealth through the international investment opportunities provided through the investment firm.

John Textor: Pioneering Digital Innovator

The name John Textor is synonymous with pioneer of digital visual effects in motion pictures. With the unforgettable, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, Textor lift his innovative fingerprints all over the motion pictures annals. In two thousand nine, he spearheaded and managed the efforts securing the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. In addition, the Academy Award for Best Make-up was also received by this project. This second Academy Award was a direct result of the ability to capture the realistic attributes of a pseudo character in film. This project is one of the cornerstones in a long and illustrious career. While at the helm as CEO of the company Digital Domain, his leadership acumen catapulted feature film projects in to the twenty first century technology universe.

Textor’s visionary perspective, utilized the potential of the Digital Domain platform, to innovate the entertainment sector towards a cutting edge approach with supreme representations of reality. The indelible images conjured up during any of the masterpiece film industry projects of Digital Domain; continue to drive the technological conscientiousness of the Millennial movie enthusiast. With films such as the ‘Transformers’ Series, Textor’s ability to coalesce reality and pseudo reality appeared seamlessly with each installment. There are other box office smash hits to consider from him such as ‘2012’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘Tron’ and ‘Thor’. The wildly popular technique continues to have an enduring rippling effect, which will arguably be the catalyst for the future of the next big thing in motion pictures.

Motion pictures such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ trusted him and Digital Domain to incorporate digital effects into their franchise. This partnership presented a window with a sharper prism, providing thrilling optics to the movie-goer experiment. There were more forward-thinking projects John Textor conquered while at Digital Doman. For example, the film ‘Ender’s Game’ pushed the digital possibilities envelope in the direction of science fiction fantasy. Some would say a whole new genre was created from the genius projects realized with the collaboration of Textor and his top performing team of talent.

Pulse Evolution is the next venture established by John Textor, which is where he has his energies and passions focused on. This endeavor will indeed raise the bar regarding digital technology for telling stories and recreating reality. The first project out of the gate, ‘Virtual Michael’ has already set the tone set for what we can expect to see from him next.

I’m trying a new dog food

So I’m trying a new dog food for my sixty pound Basset Hound. He was ninety pounds when we adopted him, but through more activity, and a strict diet we have got him healthier. I need to maintain that weight-loss but still give him a dog food that is price friendly. I found Beneful healthy weight dog food.

My Basset, Frankie, is the love of my husband. This is his child. Frankie has some skin issues as in he gets itchy. We are not sure whether it’s from food allergies, hayfever, or dry air in the winter. So I was feeding him a very expensive, better than I eat dog food. We switched to a store brand chicken and rice that helped his skin but has not helped his weight. There has to be a balance right?
So Beneful Healthy Weight seems to be that balance. It has a guaranteed twenty five percent protein and nine percent crude fiber, which gives Frankie lots of energy for muscle building. The fiber also keeps him full which a challenge because Basset Hounds always think about food. What I didn’t realize until I bought it, is that Beneful Healthy Weight has a little over one percent calcium. That is mind blowing to me! Frankie needs all the calcium he can get! As pet owners we don’t realize dogs go through calcium loss as they age just like we do. It also has only three hundred and five calories per cup. That helps a lot because Frankie is not much of a fetch kind of dog. You might say they have a reputation for being lazy or something.
Another great thing about Beneful Healthy Weight is the great ingredients Beneful contains. Frankie likes carrots as a snack or “cookie” if you will, but if I can sneak things in like dried apples, dried green beans, and garlic oil, it can only help Frankie. Beneful has all that and other dried fruits and veggies. It’s comforting that I can sneak healthy stuff in and Frankie can’t dig it out of his bowl.
All in all I have to say I am pleased with Beneful Healthy Weight. It has protein and fiber that give my dog energy and staying power. Beneful has the right ingredients to keep my dog at a healthy weight and still not blow away our budget too.

Legacy Of The Antique Wine Company

One company that has surpassed their competitors with their prowness in winemaking, in terms of quality in fine wines as well as entrepreneur, is known as The Antique Wine Company(AWC.) The AWC was established 25 years ago by Founder and CEO, Stephen Williams. It’s main headquarters remains in London with two sales offices in Asia (50% of AWC’s revenue comes from Asian markets).

Britain has long been established as a great wine making contributor. They have implemented wine making for about 1200 years.. During a three hundred year period , when the French owed alligence to the Brits, the French also contributed to winemaking and have continued to excel with their Bordeaux and other fine wines. According to Williams, what keeps AWC ahead in the wine making industry is it’s adapatability to changing times with an outlook to ever expanding market places.
While many wine markets within the UK remain localized the AWC reaches further into the global arena.

AWC forms numerous partnerships across the continent. One such partnership has been the joining of forces with “Ken Wright Cellars” (located in Oregon). Ken Wright is known especially for their Pinot Noirs. Wright nurtures his farming with a view to enhancing microbial species in all of his vineyards. Among his famous types of wine is the Freedom Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir known for its’ opaque, black cherry, transparency, earth and chocolate tastings. Another known wine is the 2012 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir(widely-known as one of the greatest in the world). These wines are confiscated by such famous restaurants as Wolfgang Puck’s CUT Restaurant located in London.

The AWC utilizes it’s guidance and business capabilities to operate with many types of personage, from the chateaux, to the palaces, to the great hotels, to the individual prosperous homes.

The Oil Refinery Strike Spreads to Two More States

This weekend, the strike called by the United Steel Workers Union extended to two more refineries, the Whiting Refinery plant in Indiana and the BP-Husky Toledo Refinery plant in Toledo. Previously, the strike had only impacted nine refineries in four states: Texas, California, Kentucky and Washington.

The strike had remained unresolved over the issue of safety, health benefits and working conditions. The steelworkers union represents some 30,000 employees working in 63 refineries and associated oil terminals and pipelines. Between2009 and 2013, deaths of workers at oil refineries in the United States more than doubled.

Workers complain that the requirement to work forced overtime due to short staffing has resulted in many cases offatigue on the job, and that this situation is creating workplace hazards. As the folks at CipherCloud understand it, they are also upset by the practice of some refineries in bringing in non-union temporary workers to fill maintenance positions.

Since February 1, 2015, union leaders have asked some 3,800 workers to strike at designated refineries. Representatives of Shell Oil Company are reportedly representing all of the impacted refineries in negotiations with the union leaders. The refineries have kept operating, using temporary workers and some retired employees. Although gas prices on the west coast have risen by 65 cents a gallon since shortly before the strike began, gas prices in other parts of the United States have not been significantly impacted.

Dr. Mark J. Ahn: Entrepreneur, Business Executive, And Educator

Dr. Mark J. Ahn is a business executive. He’s also an educator and an expert on leadership. Born in Portland on September 8, 1962, Ahn has an extensive educational background. He attended Chaminade University where he earned a B.A. in History/Economics. He also earned an M.B.A. in Finance from the same school. Ahn also graduated from Victoria University, University of Toronto with an M.A. He then went on to the University of South Australia where he earned one Ph.D. in Business Administration and another PH.D. in philosophy. 

At the Aspen Institute Dr. Mark Ahn is a Henry Crown Fellow. Plus he was graduate economics fellow at Essex University. Mark Ahn is the author of more than 50 peer reviewed articles and a number of books. One of his best known works is ‘Making the Case for Biotechnology’ published by Logos Press. Mark Ahn also has more than a decade of experience working in the life sciences industry and has spent many years as an executive in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He has worked at both small startups and large, established, biotech companies.

Mark Ahn has held many positions in those companies. He’s worked for FMC Corporation, was employed in the areas of strategy, sales and marketing, finance, business development, and management with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and a general manager for Amgen. He was also one of Genentech Inc.’s corporate officers, vice president of Hematology, founded and served as CEO and president of Hana Biosciences Inc. (now Talon Therapeutics, Inc.), a Pukana Partners, Ltd. principal, was a 2 Ignite Fund and Sparkbox co-founder, served as CEO, CFO and president of RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation, and was president, director, and CEO at Galena Biopharma Inc. 

A respected educator for many years, Dr. Mark J. Ahn is an adjunct professor of biosciences at Creighton University and Victoria University of Wellington’s chairman of Science & Technology Management. Dr. Ahn is also vice chairman of Scribes STAT and the founder of the Center for Non- Profit Leadership. He is on the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA) Trust board of trustees. Dr. Mark Ahn also serves on the Board of Governors of Chaminade University and he is an Associate Professor teaching Global Management techniques at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. It is the western United States’ oldest university. He’s also on the board of 28 companies in 10 different industries.