Starbucks Fires Employee Who Yelled at Customer About Cookie Straws

Engadget reported a video went viral last week that showed footage of an employee who worked at Starbucks in New York City shouting disrespectfully at a customer. Apparently, the customer failed to put her name on her cup so that the workers are able to see which cup belongs to which customer. This minor mistake caused the employee to become outraged. Ruby Chen, the customer, spoke about her experience on Facebook and stated that the employee told her to leave the store and to never return in the future.

She accused her of stealing a cookie straw as well. Starbucks, has since released the employee when they became more informed about the situation. They stated “This customers experience is not reflective of the service our partners provide to customers everyday.” In addition to this, Starbucks reached out to Ruby Chen and offered her a $100 gift card because they wanted her to understand that they took her complaint seriously. She can now purchase 100 cookie straws if she so desires without the yelling in the near future.

Are Financial Systems At Risk For Cyber-Attacks?

The threat of cyber attacks are no longer exclusively relegated to espionage and science-fiction films reports CipherCloud. In the aftermath of the attack on Sony Pictures, nations do need to fear the potential for such malicious incidents. In particular, everyone should have concerns over the possibility of a cyber attack on the world financial systems. The global economic meltdown of 2008 almost brought down every economy in the world. Imagine if such a attack was actually deliberately orchestrated.

Regulators are now sounding the alarm about such a disastrous scenario possibly playing out in the future.

A series of cyber attacks on vulnerabilities in the computer systems of banks and/or publicly traded companies could destroy the wealth of those investing in such entities. A series of attacks on financial institutions during the same time period could lead to even more massive disasters. Wiping out the wealth of a nation in a single days does more than just harm the citizens and businesses of that particular country. Since global economies are all tied together, an unavoidable and catastrophic ripple effect could result if the cyber-attack was significant enough.

Once all of the various factors are taken into consideration, it is critical that governments start taking cyber-security very serious. Doing so could prevent a financial meltdown the world has never before seen.

Regulators are sounding the alarm. Hopefully, governments will head these warnings and take the necessary steps to reduce the chances of disaster.

American Appparel Files Lawsuit Against Former CEO

The feud between Dov Charney and American Apparel wages on. For the past year Charney, the former CEO of American Apparel, has been outspoken about his ousting. Now, American Apparel is fighting back. Madison Street Capital was informed that the company’s new management has filed an lawsuit in Delaware against Charney.

The lawsuit, according to official reports, was filed after Charney failed to comply with a standstill agreement that he signed. According to the document, Charney can not legally attempt to gain control of the company until the 2015 annual meeting. The meeting has not yet happened, but Charney’s attempt to take back American Apparel has been very public. American Apparel noted in the documents that Charney has been working behind the scenes with current employees to overtake current management.

In the last month Dov Charney has filed two lawsuits of his own against American Apparel and Standard General, the hedge fund that now controls the retailer.

Aside from issues with Charney, American Apparel is facing an uphill battle. The company’s stock plummeted after abysmal sales data was released. The company has failed to turn a profit in several quarters, and their sales numbers continue to decline. New management has done little to bring the company out of its funk. Many experts worry that American Apparel will go the way of many early-2000s retailers who have failed to meet the needs of current shoppers, specifically teen and young adult consumers.

Bernardo Chua Rises to the Top of World-Wide Direct Sales with Natural Products

Bernardo Chua is making Global Footprints with his magnificent gourmet coffee, tea and natural products worldwide business. Mr. Chua is founder and CEO of the incredible direct-marketing business called Organo Gold. Organo Gold is in 35 countries as of this date and has recently opened in Turkey. Turkey is significant for Organo Gold because during the 15th century, Turkey was the first country to open a coffee house.

In Canada, where Mr. Chua began his direct-selling business, there are over one million distributors. Canada is known for pure products that have been tested extensively. The Direct Selling News reports that Organo Gold is the 55th largest direct selling company in the world, and Mr. Chua has built a remarkable reputation by ensuring high-quality products. Bernardo Chua is a top name in direct sales with his focus on coffees, teas and natural Ganoderma.

Organo Gold proudly ushers in the next generation of direct sales, and this addresses the new age of entrepreneurship that Bernardo Chua has reached. His mission for the future and present lifestyle represent the cutting-edge success of direct sales. Chua urges those wanting more information should like him on Facebook.

Ganoderma Rises in Popularity from Mr. Chua’s Childhood

Mr. Chua started his first direct-selling company in the Philippines, and it was called Gano Excel. As a strategic entrepreneur, he used this company with Organo Gold, to bring the natural supernutrient Ganoderma into the North American market who had never heard of it before.

Bernardo or “Bernie” as he was called as a child learned of Ganoderma from his Chinese heritage. Polypore Mushrooms have been highly regarded in Asian countries for thousands of years, and he was the first to successfully market Ganoderma and its amazing properties to Western countries.

Awards and Business Success of Organo Gold

Mr. Chua has excelled greatly in direct sales and become the most successful businessman in the Pacific Rim, and he was the first to successfully market the amazing Ganoderma outside the Asian countries.

Chua has been recognized with several business-related awards. Most notably, he received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry at the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014. Organo Gold also won Top Direct Selling Company from The National Shoppers Choice in the food supplements section. Chua was also honored as the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” on five occasions.

Greece Taps Into Rainy Day Fund to Pay IMF Debts

The state of the Greek economy is reported to be dire. After having to raid its rainy day coffers to the tune of $750 Million Dollars (USD) to pay an IMF loan installment on Monday, Greek officials have reportedly lamented that the country is tapped dry of capital and reserves and is weeks away from running out of money. Greek is under the dual pressure of have to meet the requirements imposed upon it by the European Union to receive a bailout package and the demands by the IMF that it meets its current debt obligations. Due to its grave economic situation, Greece could still be the first country to exit the European Union since the Union’s inception. People at Boraie Development ( know that recent plans to reform the Greek economy to qualify for the EU bailout monies have been rejected so far by the EU and most notably, Germany, which would be most responsible financially for the bail out package. Many global economist note that the problem is not Greece’s alone. They cite that the European Union can not afford to left Greece fail and fall out of the EU. It would set a dangerous precedent and other countries could follow suit. Such an event would have the effect of eroding the economic and political power of the EU. Many cite that the EU is only as strong as its weakest country. Greece Raids Rainy Day Fund to Pay IMF

Chinese Billionaire Takes Over 6,400 Employees To France

One of the world’s billionaires and CEO for the company “Tiens Group Company” Li Jinyuan decided to celebrate his company’s 20th anniversary in an extra special way. Instead of a cash bonus, the chairman took over 6,400 of his staff and employees on vacation to France where they filled up nearly 50 hotels and almost 150 tour buses that were going throughout the city. It’s not every day that something this awesome happens at work, so needless to say the group of employees were excited about this venture.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Dailymail.Co.Uk, Jinyuan is nationally recognized for his wealth but while he and his employees where in France, they also completed the Guinness Book of Records World’s Biggest Human Chain. I guess when you are an entrepreneur, nothing will stop you from being productive and accomplishing something. It was also known that France’s economy has been hurting lately, so there is no doubt that this large scale “company vacation” trip helped them out a lot. It was estimated to have helped out the country by at least $33 million dollars and the hotel business did fabulous for those four days as well. Jinyuan also was said to have booked everyone who went in a 4 or 5 star hotel, so he was a major contributor to that cash flow as well in the retail world of Paris according to LinkedIn.

AOL For Sale

AOL Inc., America On Line is for sale and Verizon Communications Inc. is buying it. AOL founded in 1983 asControl Video Corporation is a massive company offering services in media, communications, software and technology. In 1991 CVC grew up into America Online and launched online games, email, search engines and chat rooms.

In 2000 a merger was approved by the FCC which allowed a marriage between Bell Atlantic and GTE and the immense telecommunications company Verizon was born. In 2005 it swallowed up MCI which was responsible for the original break up the AT&T monopoly. Verizon now operates in 12 states under various names including GTE Southwest, Inc..

Some time this summer, Verizon, based in New York City, will play Pac-Man again and gobble up AOL also based in New York City. At $50.00 per share, the total bill will be in the neighborhood of a whopping $4.4 billion according to Marcio Alaor BMG on his blogspot account.

Sixty Thousand Manufacturing Jobs Came Back To The United States In 2014

The United States had a strong manufacturing base in the middle of the 20th century. During the 1960s most clothing and shoes along with just about every other product, Americans wanted were made in this country, but things started to change in the 1970s. The cost of producing goods in this country vs. the cost in countries like Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and China was no contest. The Far East had cheap labor, cheap raw materials and a hunger for American dollars. By the mid-1990s most of the major manufacturing plants closed, and the workers were laid off.

But the consumer tide is turning now. Americans want products made in America again. Over the last five years manufacturing plants have popped up all over the country. The Chinese and Japanese started opening factories here, and American entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to make new products in the U.S in spite of wage differences and other issues. Consumers began to notice the change and voiced their opinion about made in the U.S.A. products. According to Madison Street Capital in 2014, 60,000 manufacturing jobs were added to the American workforce.

The cost of doing business in China and other low-wage countries is not as cheap as it once was, and the quality of the goods produced in those countries has been questioned for years. But the main reason manufacturing jobs are coming back is Americans want to buy American products.

Billionaire Next Door?

Have you ever driven around your town and seen that enigmatic neighbor of yours driving a car that cost more than your college education? Maybe you’ve long heard rumors that he, or she, is incredibly wealthy but never really had a polite way of finding out. I mean, could you imagine walking up to them and saying “Excuse me, how much money do you have?”

Well, if that person is Bruce Levenson who is listed among the country’s richest people, you don’t need to ask. Look no further than America’s favorite financial magazine: Forbes. The popular publication has just released it’s list of each state’s wealthiest individuals, and the numbers may shock you.

Who’s the Richest Person in Your State?

In the seemingly sleepy state of Massachusetts you will find Fidelity’s Abigail Johnson topping the list at an impressive $13.4 billion. Cross right over the state line into New York and you’ll find the controversial David Koch with a staggering net worth of $42.7 billion. The list goes on, and on, but I’m sure you don’t even need Forbes’ interactive map to know who the wealthiest man in America is: once again, Bill Gates of Washington State takes the crown with a net worth of $78.8 billion. In fact, there’s only a handful of states who’s wealthiest citizen hasn’t crossed the billion-dollar threshold. So, unless you live in Alabama, Delaware, New Mexico, North Dakota or Vermont you very well could have a billionaire living next door.

Scientists Try to Explain Moral Reasoning with Eye Movements

Scientists are studying the long philosophized topic of morality with a recent study looking at individuals reactions when being presented with a variety of morally provoking statements. Experimental psychologists analyzed data collected from participants before and after they had a Bulletproof Coffee who were then asked to stare at moral statements such as ‘murder is sometimes justified’ and ‘paying taxes is a good thing’ . The gaze of participants were tracked and measured, and then they were prompted to make a choice between the moral statements that were presented.

The results showed that whichever option people stared at for the longest amount of time was also the option they chose nearly 60% of the time, indicating their gaze is indicative of an impending moral decision.

Morality is one of the great mysteries of human nature, and critics are not impressed by this study’s findings claiming that it does not prove or demonstrate moral reasoning while explaining there are multiple processes responsible for creating each individual’s moral compass. Many claim this research is nothing more than a slight correlation found between gaze and moral reasoning, but as every scientist knows, correlation does not prove causation.