Many men think that escort agencies and the girls that work for them are just about money. One thing they forget is that when you hire an escort you are hiring a real human being with feelings. This means that to get laid easily with the escort there are some things you should do. Below are some of the things you can do these days to get laid easily with an escort:

  1. Be on time.
    Being punctual is essential in all aspects of life. Escorts work on a very busy schedule, especially during holiday seasons. This means that you may not be the only client on the escort’s schedule. Being at your hotel room several minutes before the escort arrives gives you the time to prepare yourself by taking a bath, grooming appropriately and getting composed to meet the escort.

If you might get late maybe at your business meeting, feel obliged to make an early communication to the escort service to delay them a while. This will ensure that she knows that you will be late, and you may be able to reschedule your appointment for a different time.

  1. Be a gentleman.
    From the moment you meet the escort, always be sweet, respectful and kind to her. Treat her the way you treat your girlfriend or wife. Show her a lot of affection. Assume she is not an escort because that would be the beginning of you disrespecting her because of her profession. If possible, carry some flowers for her before the meeting. This actually ignites the sexual candle of a woman.
  2. Create a mood.
    Create a sexy mood at your venue. Candle lit usually works. Let the environment speak your intentions. Make the environment seductive enough to make the escort read your intentions clearly. This will make the escort comfortable with you intimately and even unleash the wild her with no hesitation.

Remember, some clients are not interested in sex; all they want is the female company. For this reason, you being her boss have to introduce the reason you wanted the escort.

  1. Be prepared sexually.
    Being prepared sexually involves so many factors. You have to be psychologically ready to have some hot sex. You must be physically ready by grooming and looking ready for action. Apply that cologne that you know drives women crazy.

You should then carry condoms and a lubricant maybe. This will avoid that weird moment when you both want to get down, but you have to rush for the condoms outside. This will really delay things. Be prepared with a pack of condoms and a lubricant in case the escort doesn’t wet naturally due to many factors involved such as multiple sex partners in a day.

With the above techniques, you will get laid easily with an escort. Never assume just because you paid for the escort service that getting laid comes naturally.

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How to Get Laid Easily with an Escort

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